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Canvas Panels, Classic, Black, 8 x 10 in - Pack of 14 Autoship

Canvas Panels, Classic, Black, 8 x 10 in - Pack of 14

Bulk Pack of Canvas Panels - Save money and time by always having a professional-quality surface available when inspiration comes Dramatic Effect - Pre-primed with premium black acrylic gesso that allows highlights to pop and shadows to appear deeper Create a Variety of Artwork - Each black canvas panel has a 100% cotton surface, making it perfect for acrylics, oils, and other media Lightweight & Less Bulky - Portable and ideal for most frame moulding or metal frames Certified Non-Toxic - These versatile surfaces are AP Certified and suitable for artists of all levels  Create like a professional artist on the grade-A, black canvas panels within this 14-pack. Each 8”x10” black canvas panel is pre-primed, so that you can start painting as soon as you receive them. Each canvas is carefully primed with non-toxic, animal cruelty-free, premiuim, black acrylic gesso. Our gesso primed canvas panels are made of a surface that is 100% cotton, enabling your paintbrush to flow without any restrictions. The perfectly textured canvases in this pack of 14 work best with acrylic paint, acrylic pouring paint, oil paint, oil pastels, and mixed media creations. This pack of classic, pre-primed, black canvas panels is a great gift for any painter in your life. Its durable construction and materials, make it an inviting canvas for artists of all ages. Whether you plan to surprise your favorite artist, donate them, or keep them all for yourself, these canvases are sure to bring a smile to anyone's path they cross. Purchase your set today to see the difference working on a black canvas will have on your paintings.
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Expert Watercolor Pad, 11 Autoship

Expert Watercolor Pad, 11" x 14", 32 Sheets - Pack of 2

For Wet & Dry Media - This 140 lb (300 gsm) paper won’t buckle or warp when used with watercolors & has the ideal thickness for drawing & mixed media Cold-Pressed & Dual-Sided - A slight tooth on the paper provides the perfect texture for creating more depth in your tones Glue-Bound Pad - The secure glue binding holds your work in place and detaches cleanly for framing or sharing Acid-Free Sheets - Every accent and detail will maintain vibrancy and won’t yellow over time  Enjoy painting, drawing, or sketching with this convenient pack of 2 Expert Watercolor Pads. With a thickness of 140lb (300gsm), you’ll have the perfect surface for wet media, including acrylics, watercolors, ink, gouache, and brush pens. You won’t have to worry about the paper buckling, warping or bleeding through. It’s also a good thickness for drawing in graphite pencils, color pencils, and charcoal. Each 11x14” wood pulp sheet is cold-pressed, which means it has a slightly textured surface. Each watercolor pad is glue-bound at the top, allowing you to work in a vertical position without the pages moving around or falling out. Work on one side of a page at a time or take full advantage of the pad and use both sides. When you're ready to share your work, each sheet easily detaches from the pad. These acid-free sheets will ensure your work stays as vibrant as the day you created it, with no fading or yellowing over time.
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DIY Frame, Expert Watercolor Pad, 100% Cotton, 11 Autoship

DIY Frame, Expert Watercolor Pad, 100% Cotton, 11" x 14" - 10 Sheets

Versatile & Easy-to-Use - Simply use the folding lines as a guide to create a ready-to-hang piece, or use the opposite side as a frame to display your photos Heavyweight & Bleed-Proof - With 140 lb (300 gsm) cotton sheets, you’ll get just the right amount of absorbency with no buckling or warping Acid-Free Paper - You can be confident that your paintings and watercolor artwork will remain vibrant over time without yellowing Glue-Bound - Once you’re ready to make a new piece, simply tear off the perforated sheet from the pad and start creating  Discover a fun way to display your photos or artwork with these incredibly versatile watercolor pads. Paint on the back and use it as a little paper surface or flip it around and paint the frame to display photos. You can even paint your piece directly inside the paper frame so that you won’t need to frame it later. The paper itself is 140 lbs, 100% cotton, and acid-free, making it sturdy enough to be painted on without warping or fading.     You can paint on the surface while it’s flat or when folded - it can be adapted to whatever will suit your project best. Each frame is sturdy when folded and has easy-to-tear sides for when you’re ready to frame your masterpiece. Every sheet comes as a flat surface and is in a glue-bound pad, making it easy to store and transport before becoming frames. Use these as party favors or frame your photos in your dorm. Whether you’re working on a DIY project or creating a piece to display - these are the perfect pads for the task.   Create immersive paintings on the best watercolor paper we offer using our DIY Frame Expert Watercolor Pad. Explore the world of watercolors with this exceptional Paper Pad! Whether you’re just learning how to paint with watercolors or consider yourself the next Edgar Degas you are sure to be impressed by the stunning paintings you are able to produce on the surface this   paper provides. Secure your Expert Watercolor Pad before our website reads ‘out of stock’.
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Coloring Book, Mandala Illustrations, Gray Outlines, 72 Sheets Autoship

Coloring Book, Mandala Illustrations, Gray Outlines, 72 Sheets

Stress-Relieving Coloring Pages - Relax, unwind and get creative with 72 pages of fun mandala illustrations Compact & Travel-Friendly - This compact, 6.4 x 6.4 inch book has an elastic band that secures your pages as you take your coloring book on-the-go with you Durable & Thick Paper - Use any of your favorite crayons, colored pencils, or markers on the 100lb (150 gsm) bleed-resistant pages Detachable Pages - Easily tear your pages out of your book and display your colored masterpieces as soon as you’re finished  Add a little zen to your daily life with this adult coloring book filled with relaxing mandala designs. Enjoy 72 intricate illustrations curated to help you relax, meditate, and get in touch with your inner artist. You’ll find yourself focusing on filling in each detail with color and letting your thoughts drift away from the pressures of your everyday life. Once you finish creating your art, you can easily remove the page from the pad and display it on your walls. Each sturdy glue-bound book is 6.4 x 6.4 inches, making it the perfect compact size for slipping into your bag or backpack. Use your favorite coloring tools like crayons, watercolor pencils, markers, or brush pens; these 100 lb (150 gsm) bleed-resistant pages can handle your creativity. When you’re done, you can close up the book with the elastic band and trust that your pages will be secure. Whether you’re looking for an activity to do or want to get a unique gift for a friend, this is a great way to get creative.  
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Watercolor Book, Beige Hardcover, 5.5 Autoship

Watercolor Book, Beige Hardcover, 5.5" x 5.5", 88 Pages - Pack of 3

Elegant Watercolor Books - Get 3 beige watercolor art journals with 44 dual-sided sheets each for sketching, illustrating, and painting Sturdy Hardcover Book - Each book is durably hardbound with 110lb cold-pressed art paper Natural Linen Book Cover - The cover is crafted from beige natural linen with rounded corners for a stylish look Portable Watercolor Art Journal - Take your art materials on the go because these books fit perfectly into any art bag, backpack, purse, or glove box Order in bulk and save big with this 3-pack of beige hardcover watercolor sketchbooks. Each watercolor book in this premium 3-pack, measuring 5.5”x5.5” comes with 88 pages of cold-pressed watercolor paper. Our elegant watercolor books feature dual-sheet pieces of paper for sketching, illustrating, and painting. The premium paper that fills each watercolor sketchbook is designed for mixed media and watercolor techniques. Our beige hardcover watercolor books feature acid-free paper which preserves your artwork and is non-toxic, safe for all ages. This premium beige hardcover watercolor sketchbooks are incredibly portable and are perfect for painting on the go. The natural linen book cover is crafted from beige natural linen with rounded corners for a trendy and timeless look. This sturdy hardcover watercolor book is made to last. Our handy premium watercolor book features a ribbon bookmark for your convenience. Additionally, this premium watercolor sketchbook provides artists with an expandable inner pocket to hold museum tickets, business cards, or any other valuable scraps of paper. Upgrade to our beige hardcover watercolor books today.
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EverBlend Art Markers, Classic Tones, Single Color - Pack of 4 (more colors available) Autoship

EverBlend Art Markers, Classic Tones, Single Color - Pack of 4 (more colors available)

Vibrant & Blendable Colors - Highly-pigmented markers that are perfect for drawing, coloring, designing, sketching and hand-letteringReplaceable Dual-Tips - Use the 0.11" fine tip for detailing and sketching, or flip the marker over and use the 0.24" chisel tip to fill in large areasErgonomic Grip - The triangular shape allows you to create in comfort and keeps your marker from rolling off your work areaAP Certified Non-Toxic - These open-stock EverBlend Markers are non-toxic and suitable for both beginners and professional artistsStock up on your favorite colors with these open-stock Everblend Markers. The convenient packs of 4 are perfect for replenishing your existing marker collection or trying out new shades. Both novices and professionals will enjoy using these versatile tools to sketch, draw, color, design, and hand-letter. Each dual-sided marker includes a wide chisel tip for coloring in large areas and a fine tip for details. These tips are also replaceable, so once you’re ready to change them, simply use tweezers to switch them out. The triangle-shape of the barrel allows you to create in comfort and prevents the markers from rolling around while you work. The alcohol-based ink delivers bold, highly-pigmented color that is permanent once applied and perfect for blending. Create brightly colored manga characters, realistic portraits, cute illustrations, fun caricatures, and so much more. The low-odor ink is AP Certified nontoxic and suitable for creators of all levels. Grab your pack of 4 today and keep your art marker collection stocked!
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Holographic Self Adhesive Vinyl, Red & Pink Tones, 12 Autoship

Holographic Self Adhesive Vinyl, Red & Pink Tones, 12" x 12" - Set of 8

8 Color-Shifting Sheets - Decorate your notebooks, laptop, phone case, cups, and home accessories with these brilliant chameleon vinyl sheets Made of Durable Vinyl - Each sheet is made of PVC with a strong adhesive backing that is tough enough to withstand indoor or outdoor use Easy to Cut & Weed -  Use your favorite cutting machine or craft knife to create intricate designs and easily remove any excess material around your design Flexible & Versatile - The thin sheets are flexible enough to adapt to curved items and can be applied to a variety of surfaces including glass, plastic, metal, and wood There’s something magical about these red and pink Holographic Self Adhesive Vinyls. Depending on the way the light hits it, you’ll see bright reds, sparkling pinks, or a combination of both. Each sheet is easy to cut and weed, so you can create even the most intricate designs without worrying about getting rid of the excess. This quality vinyl is designed to be compatible with most cutting machines and can even be cut with a craft knife.    Stick your designs onto a wide variety of surfaces like glass, metal, wood, plastic and more. The flexible vinyl can adapt and go around curves without wrinkling or tearing. You can make everything from stickers for your car to decals for your laptop. If you decide to decorate your drinkware or dishes, just make sure to hand-wash your items so that the designs stay on for as long as possible. From signs to accessories to crafts, there is so much you can do with these unique vinyl sheets!   Add colorful designs to a wide range of surfaces with Arteza’s set of eight Holographic Self Adhesive Vinyls. The beautiful red and pink multi-color shades of our HTV vinyl sheets ensure your designs will capture everyone’s attention. This set of holographic vinyl sheets will surely bring any design to life! Order your set of eight, red and pink tones, Holographic Self Adhesive Vinyls before we run out of stock.
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Acrylic Pad, 11 Autoship

Acrylic Pad, 11" x 14", 16 Sheets - Pack of 2

More for Less – Enjoy twice the number of sheets in one convenient and affordable packageHeavyweight – Cold-pressed, linen-textured paper designed to withstand many washes without damageFade-Resistant – Each 100% acid-free sheet preserves the vibrancy of your artworkGlue-Bound – Pads are made with glue-bound edges to keep creations safely in placeMany artists would agree that too often frustrations arise from working on acrylic paper pads that can’t handle your passion or your paints. This heavyweight paper was designed with enthusiastic artists in mind. Our 11 by 14 acrylic paper pad is cold-pressed, built to withstand several washes and layers without any damage to your artwork. The 32 linen-textured paper pad sheets in this pack of 2 are fade-resistant, assuring that your painting’s quality will not decrease over time. This 100% acid-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic 11”x14” acrylic paper pad is ideal for any artist looking for exceptionally high quality paper. Each page is held together with a glue binding which ensures your artwork will stay safely in place. Arteza’s glue-bound, acrylic paper pad makes a great gift for commuting artists, art students, art teachers, art professors, and beginner to expert level artists. Get twice as much high end, acrylic linen-textured paper by ordering this affordable 2-pack today. Running out of space to store your many canvases and looking for an alternative? Looking for a valuable gift to give an artist in your life this holiday season? Look no further; our premium acrylic paper pad two-pack has got your needs covered! Our two-pack of acrylic paper pads offers enough paper pads for you to gift one and keep the other; why not treat yourself as well this year? Our premium paper won’t ever buckle to provide you with canvas quality while taking up very little space in your studio, backpack, or arts and crafts room. Secure your set today to ensure you, and/or a loved one has plenty of professional-grade paint paper to start off 2021.
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Premium Canvas Panels, 6 x 6 in - Pack of 14 Autoship

Premium Canvas Panels, 6 x 6 in - Pack of 14

100% Cotton Canvas Panels - The durable MDF board core is wrapped in cotton canvas, giving you the optimal surface for techniques like impasto, pouring, and painting with a palette knifePrimed & Ready to Use - The canvas panels (12.3 oz primed) are primed with acrylic titanium gesso; you can start painting right awayConvenient Bulk Pack - Always have plenty of canvas panels in stock with this large pack of 14Great for a Variety of Media - Use them with acrylics, oil paint, gouache, and tempera; the acid-free surface will prevent your artwork from losing vibrancyCertified Non-Toxic - These premium canvas panels conform to ASTM D-4236 standardsGet started on your next painting and always have enough of the surface you need with 6 x 6 inch premium canvas panels. Whether you’re working on a single piece or multi-panel art, this bulk pack of 14 provides you with enough panels to work on a variety of art projects. Each board core is made out of durable MDF and is wrapped in 100% cotton canvas, giving you a sturdy and smooth surface. You’ll love how your paintbrushes glide smoothly over the surface. Each canvas panel is 12.3 oz primed with acrylic titanium gesso, so you can start painting as soon as you get your pack. You can use these with acrylic paint, oil paint, tempera, gouache, and oil/acrylic markers, in addition to a variety of other media. Though they are sturdy and durable, they’re also travel-friendly and great for painting on-the-go. The cotton surface is also acid-free, so you can be confident that your artwork will remain vibrant over time.
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#2 HB Mechanical Pencils - Pack of 16 with Refills Autoship

#2 HB Mechanical Pencils - Pack of 16 with Refills

Advanced Writing Tool - These pencils are designed with broad barrels, rubber grips, & a comfortable click button Refillable Lead & Erasers - The bulk mechanical pencils set includes four-dozen 0.7mm graphite lead sticks and eight eraser replacements Draw, Sketch, Write - These mechanical drawing pencils are great for class notes, sketchbooks, canvases, architecture plans, journaling, and more Professional Look - The convenient 16 pack is great for office meetings, trade shows, classrooms, or to keep in your home office, kitchen, or utility drawer Having reliable mechanical pencils can make a world’s difference. Whether you are sketching, writing, drawing, doodling, test-taking, or journaling these 16 mechanical pencils with refills are the answer to all of your mechanical pencil wants, desires, and needs. Our sleek professional and sharp design is not only noticeably trendy in its external appearance, the lead quality is just as exceptional. This mechanical pencils set comes with 48 (0.7mm) lead sticks to be used with the refillable pencils. Alongside the four-dozen lead sticks, this bulk mechanical pencil set also includes eight additional eraser replacements. In total, with this set you are getting 88 top-shelf quality items for the affordable rate.. This advanced mechanical pencil set was deliberately designed with noteworthy rubber grips, as well as broad barrels and an inviting click button for your comfort;. Whether you consider yourself a visual artist, an architect, a teacher, a student, a writer, or just someone who wants a dependable mechanical pencil, this set is hands down the way to go. See for yourself by ordering yours today.
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Holographic Glitter, Fairy Dust & Moonstone - 2 Shakers Autoship

Holographic Glitter, Fairy Dust & Moonstone - 2 Shakers

2 Unique Colors - Each 5g jar contains a variety of reflective shapes and sizes that produce a stunning effect Craft & Design - Perfect for DIY projects, scrapbooks, ornaments, decorations, accessories, party favors, invites, and holiday cards A Great Gift - Give these glitter shakers to your artistic friend or crafty family member Safe for All Ages - Certified non-toxic and safe for adults and young creatives with supervision You’ll be glad you added these premium holographic glitter shakers to your arts and crafts collection. The 2 radiant colors featured in this set are in the colors “fairy dust” and “moonstone”. “Fairy dust” is a very multi-dimensional glitter shade as it features royal blue, teal, and purple in truly unique shapes. The holographic chunky glitter named “moonstone” compliments “fairy dust” as it is light in color. Using these 2 stunning glitters to your arts or crafts will make them even more beautiful and multi-dimensional.     These holographic glitter shakers are certified non-toxic, inviting creators of all ages to the table. This premium chunky glitter shaker set is ideal for anyone looking to add a pop of color to their crafts or artwork. You certainly don’t have to consider yourself an artist to have a blast using these holographic glitter shakers— they are super user friendly and straightforward. Make your greeting cards, holiday decorations, personalized notes, and crafts pop with these affordable, premium grade, truly amazing holographic glitter shakers.   This Set of 2 Holographic Glitter Shakers will bring your artwork to life! Our professional-grade glitters can be added to bath bombs, paintings, resin pieces, mixed media pieces, and more. Decorate your art pieces with beautiful glitters with this Set of 2 Holographic Glitter Shakers! Order this affordable Set of 2 Holographic Glitter Shakers today to add a dash of glitter to your upcoming projects.  
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Heat Transfer Vinyl, Assorted Colors, 10 Autoship

Heat Transfer Vinyl, Assorted Colors, 10" x 12" Sheets - Set of 22

Easy-to-Use Vinyl Sheets - Made of flexible PU, allowing you to cut, weed, and peel without hassleDurable & Long-Lasting - Applies to practically any fabric and can withstand repeated washingConvenient & Compatible - The HTV sheets can be used with any craft cutting machineNo Bent Corners - Packed in a protective box to ensure your HTV sheets arrive smooth and flatAdd color to your crafts, fabrics, and artwork with these PU multi-color heat transfer vinyl sheets. This set of 22 includes 10”x12” heat transfer vinyl sheets in white, black, red, green, royal blue, lemon yellow, golden yellow, sky blue, orange, silver, neon pink, gold, pink, neon orange, neon green, gray, burgundy, fuchsia, beige, carmel, aqua marine, and maroon. With such a wide variety of colors to work with, your crafts and art piece will shine like never before. The HTV sheets included in this set are very easy-to-use. Our multi-color heat transfer vinyls are made of flexible PU, allowing you to cut, weed, and peel without hassle. The heat transfer vinyl sheets in this set are very versatile and durable. The heat-transfer vinyl sheets featured easily apply to any fabric and can withstand repeated washes. Each sheet is delicately placed in its secure packaging, which ensures your HTV sheets arrive smooth, flat, and with no bent corners. Grab your set today to see the difference a pop of color makes to your fabrics. Our premium HTV sheets make the perfect holiday gift or addition to your own collection. Our heat transfer vinyl sheets easily iron on to nearly any fabric, so you can create your own custom t-shirts, hats, backpacks, sweatshirts, jackets and pants. Our HTV sheets make for a great rainy day activity, and assist you in crafting your own hand-made gifts to give out this holiday. Watch the faces of your loved ones light up as they discover you’ve designed a special t-shirt for them. This affordable heat transfer vinyl set will make customizing your garments hassle-free and fun; secure your set today!
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Gel Ink Pens - Set of 60 Autoship

Gel Ink Pens - Set of 60

Wide Range of Colors - 17 Glitter, 11 Metallic, 9 Pastel, 4 Glitter-Neon, 6 Rainbow, 10 Neon and 3 Classic colorsDurable Metal Tip - The 0.8-1.0 mm tip is incredibly durable and allows for a smooth, even flow of inkLong-Lasting Ink - These pens will see you coloring and doodling for a while. And when they finally do run out, you can purchase a convenient pack of ink refills!Versatile - Use our coloring gel pens for adult coloring books, scrapbooks, journals, greeting cards, party invites and much more!100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If your product does not perform to your expectations, simply request a refund or replacementWriting with gel ink pens has never been so satisfying and trouble-free as it is with our Set of 60 Gel Ink Pens. The wide range of colors in this set features shades of every color imaginable to make illustrating, coloring, writing, and doodling a complete joy. This 60 piece set of gel ink pens features: 17 glitter, 11 metallic, 9 pastel, 4 glitter-neon, 6 rainbow, 10 neon and 3 classic colors. These dependable gel ink pens feature ink that won’t skip, smudge, fade, or smear, to make sure you are never disappointed by the pen quality. The long-lasting ink in each gel ink pen in this set of 60 assures this will be a long-lived addition to your art supplies collection. Gel ink pens are incredibly versatile as they are great for: coloring books, scrapbooks, journals, greeting cards, and paintings. Whether you are working on top of dry watercolor, gouache, tempera, or acrylic paint, these gel ink pens work perfectly for adding small finishing details. Order your set of multi-colored gel ink pens with our 100% satisfaction guarantee today. 
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Sketchbook, 5.5 Autoship

Sketchbook, 5.5" x 8.5", 100 Sheets - Pack of 3

For a Variety of Dry Media - Suitable for professional drawing pencils, pastels, colored pencils, charcoal, gel pens, and finelinersHeavyweight Paper - Each book contains 100 sheets of 68 lb (100 gsm) perforated pages; the sheets are true to size when removedAcid-Free Sheets - These high-quality, acid-free sheets will keep your artwork from fading over timeSpiral-Bound - Get full flexibility with twin-wire loop binding that allows you to rotate your pages 360° Bring your creative ideas to life with a 3-pack of 5.5x8.5” cardboard cover sketchbooks. Each book contains 100 blank sheets that are perfect for a variety of dry media like drawing pencils, pastels, charcoal, gel ink pens, colored pencils, and more. Easily erase, revise, and layer your media without having to worry about the paper getting torn, as the fine-tooth 68 lb sheets are durable and able to handle whatever technique you’d like to use.  The pages are acid-free, so your designs will stay fresh and vibrant over time. Each sheet is also perforated and can be easily removed from your sketchbook whenever you’re ready to display your work. The flexible spiral binding allows you to rotate your pages all the way back so that you can either create on a flat two-page spread or work on a single page at a time. With this convenient 3-pack, you’ll always have a premium sketchbook in hand every time inspiration arrives. Our professional-grade 5.5” x 8.5” sketchbooks make the perfect travel companion; each book is compact and portable. Traveling this holiday season and need a lightweight and well-made sketchbook? Look no further; our premium sketchbooks make creating on-the-go completely hassle-free. Order this sketchbook for any traveling or commuting artists in your life this holiday season. Since this pack offers you three drawing books, you can easily divvy them up among the creative people on your shopping list. Alternatively, secure this set of three to restock your art studio in preparation of 2021.
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Graphite Transfer Paper, 9 x 13 in, 60 Gray Sheets Autoship

Graphite Transfer Paper, 9 x 13 in, 60 Gray Sheets

Make an Impression - Duplicate or record your markings and designs with convenient loose leaf sheetsVersatile - Perfect for a variety of craft and art projectsNo Mess - Unlike carbon, graphite leaves no unwanted marks on hands or surfacesMulti-Surface Use - Works on paper, wood, metal, glass, fabric, canvas, and moreArteza’s graphite transfer paper, included in this 9” x 13” set, makes transferring your artwork hassle-free. Graphite transfer paper makes moving your design from a sketchbook or piece of paper to your canvas as quick and trouble-free as possible. Duplicate or record your markings and designs with the convenient loose-leaf papers included with this graphite transfer paper. Each of the 60 sheets of paper featured in this graphite transfer box are professional-grade and versatile. Our transfer papers work well on paper, wood, metal, glass, fabric and canvas. Unlike carbon, graphite leaves no unwanted marks on your hands and work surfaces. The back of the packaging of our graphite transfer paper’s compact box includes detailed instructions on exactly how to use the paper properly. Whether you have been transferring your work with graphite paper for years or this is your first time, this product was made with your wants and needs in mind. Secure your 60 sheets of graphite transfer paper today. Unlike carbon, graphite transfer paper leaves easily erasable marks that deliver the results you desire and deserve. Our transfer paper is a great addition to artists of all skill levels and experience’s collection. If you are new to creating and don’t feel comfortable drawing your own designs, you can use this transfer paper to recreate and transform an image from the internet, a magazine, or your photo album! Since you have extra free time on your hands this winter, why not start a new hobby? Art is for everyone, and our transfer sheets make that a reality; secure your set today for impressive artwork tomorrow.
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Drawing Pad, 9 Autoship

Drawing Pad, 9" x 12", 80 Sheets - Pack of 2

Premium Paper - Off-white, 80lb, smooth acid-free paper with a fine tooth surface ideal for a variety of dry media360° Spiral-Bound - Held together by a twin wire loop binding that flips all the way back so you’re working one piece at a time with easeAcid-Free - Enjoy colors that will withstand the test of time with paper that prevents hue deteriorationMicro-Perforated - Ready to frame your masterpiece? Easily rip out true-to-size sheets and displayCreating on the 9”x12” drawing pads featured in this pack of 2 is a dream come true. Each sketch pad is complete with 80 sheets of premium, smooth, off-white paper. The acid-free paper provides an ideal fine tooth surface for dry and a variety of mixed media. The acid-free paper featured in each drawing pad is both non-toxic and heavyweight. Our sketch paper pads are each held together by a 360° spiral binding, making it easy to flip through your work. Each page is easy to remove with the micro-perforated assembly. Whenever your work is ready to be given away, sold, or framed, simply rip it out with ease. Our heavyweight paper was designed to last as long as possible without any hue deterioration, yellowing, or fading. This 2-pack includes 160 sheets of 9”x12” premium drawing paper to encourage you to create 160 works of art. Add this paramount drawing pad 2-pack to your shopping cart today. Our premium two-pack of drawing pads sets any visual artist up for success. This budget-friendly twin-pack is perfect for gift giving this holiday season. Whether you choose to divy this pack up among two creative friends, keep one or both for yourself to transform, our set is sure to impress any recipient. Our drawing pads are made for artists all along the spectrum, from beginners to experts, this premium drawing pad will elevate the appearance of your designs, sketches, and drawings. Secure your set today to start 2021 off on the right foot.
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