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Drawing Pad, 8

Drawing Pad, 8" x 10", 50 Sheets - Pack of 2

Premium Paper - Off-white, 80lb, smooth, acid-free paper with a fine tooth surface, ideal for dry media 360° Spiral-Bound - Held together by a twin wire loop binding that flips all the way back so you’re working one piece at a time with ease Acid-Free - Enjoy colors that will withstand the test of time with paper that prevents hue deterioration Micro-Perforated - Ready to frame your masterpiece? Easily rip out true-to-size sheets and display Our 2-pack of 8”x10” drawing pads is a guaranteed success for every artist. This 2-pack includes 100 sheets of premium paper. The premium paper featured in our drawing pads is heavyweight, off-white, and acid-free; making this an ideal gift for artists of all ages. The high-quality drawing paper won’t fade, yellow, or deteriorate in color over time; to assure your work will be as striking as the day you created it for years to come. The micro-perforated design of the sketch pads included in this pack of 2 makes it easy to rip out and display, gift, or sell your artwork. The 80lb, smooth paper features a fine tooth surface which is optimal for dry media. Whether graphite, colored pencils, pens, markers, or charcoal is your preferred dry media, this sketch pad will exceed your expectations. Each drawing pad is held together by a 360° spiral binding. The twin wire loop binding that flips all the way back makes working on more than one piece at a time uncomplicated. Place your order of this drawing pad 2-pack today. 
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Watercolor Pad, 5.5

Watercolor Pad, 5.5" x 8.5", 30 sheets - Pack of 3

For Wet & Dry Media - 140 lb (300 gsm) heavyweight paper; won’t buckle or warp when used with wet media like watercolors, gouache, acrylics, and brush pens Cold-Pressed Paper - A slight tooth on the paper holds the paint and provides the perfect texture for creating more depth in your tones Spiral-Bound Pages - Get full flexibility with twin-wire loop binding that allows you to rotate your pages all the way back; sheets detach cleanly for framing or sharing Acid-Free Sheets - Never worry about your artwork losing its vibrancy; the acid-free sheets prevent fading and yellowing over time Enjoy developing eye-catching watercolor creations with this convenient 5.5 in x 8.5 in Watercolor Pad 3-Pack. With the thick 140 lb (300gsm) paper, you’ll have the best surface for watercolors, gouache, acrylics, ink, and brush pens. You won’t have to worry about this heavyweight paper buckling, warping, or bleeding through. It’s also the ideal thickness for mixed-media designs as well as drawings made with graphite pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal. The paper is cold-pressed, giving it a slight texture that holds paint well and gives your colors a more dynamic application.  Each high-quality pad is spiral-bound, allowing you to flip through your pages easily and comfortably work on one sheet at a time. When you are ready to showcase your work, each perforated sheet easily detaches from the pad. You can be confident that your colorful artwork will stay looking fresh, as the acid-free paper ensures your work will stay as vibrant as the day you created it, with no fading or yellowing over time.
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Expert Watercolor Pad, Double-Sided, 9

Expert Watercolor Pad, Double-Sided, 9" x 12", 14 Sheets

Get More for Less – Enjoy twice the number of sheets with each convenient double-sided pad 100% Cotton Sheets – Cold-pressed 100% cotton paper is designed to withstand many washes without buckling or warping Fade-Resistant – Each acid-free sheet preserves the vibrancy of your artwork for years to come Glue-Bound – Pads are glue-bound and flip back so you can work one sheet at a time; Simply detach the sheet when you are ready to share or frame your artwork Adding Arteza’s Double-Sided, Expert Watercolor Paint Pad to your collection is a simple way to advance in painting with watercolors. The 100% cotton sheets featured in this expert watercolor pad are cold-pressed and durable, so that you can paint with the comfort of knowing your watercolor paper won’t warp or buckle after multiple washes. This high-quality watercolor paper pad is fade-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your paintings decreasing its appearance over time. Each page of double-sided, expert grade watercolor paper in this paint pad is made of acid-free, non-toxic paper, making this wet media paint pad safe for painters of all ages. Each of the 14 double-sided watercolor paint papers featured in this paint pad are held together with a glue-binding. The glue-bound design makes flipping back and forth between different paintings easy. The glue-bound design of this watercolor paint pad also makes removing your paintings from this pad uncomplicated. Secure your expert watercolor paint pad today, to get one step closer to working on your new watercolor paper. 
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Black Paper Sketch Pad, 5.5

Black Paper Sketch Pad, 5.5" x 8.5", 50 Sheets - Pack of 3

Make Your Highlights Pop - The black paper accentuates bold highlights and deepens shadows to enhance your realistic sketches and designs For a Variety of Dry Media - 90 lb (150 gsm) heavyweight paper that’s suitable for professional drawing pencils, pastels, colored pencils, gel pens, and more Acid-Free Sheets - The high-quality, acid-free sheets will keep your artwork from fading over time Spiral-Bound - Get full flexibility with twin-wire loop binding that allows you to rotate your pages 360°  Bring your creative ideas to life with these 5.5 x 8.5 in black paper sketchbooks. Each book contains 50 blank sheets that are perfect for drawing pencils, pastels, gel ink pens, colored pencils, and more. Work from light to dark and let your highlights stand out on the black pages. Easily erase, revise, and layer your media without worrying about the paper getting torn, as the fine-tooth 90 lb sheets are durable and able to handle whatever technique you’d like to use.  The pages are acid-free, so your designs will stay fresh and vibrant over time. Each sheet is also perforated and can be easily removed from your sketchbook whenever you’re ready to display your work. The flexible spiral binding allows you to rotate your pages all the way back so that you can either create on a flat two-page spread or work on a single page at a time. With these 5.5x8.5” black paper sketchbooks, you’ll always have a sketchbook in hand every time inspiration arrives.
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