Easy Face Painting: Pop Art Zombie Makeup

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Easy Face Painting: Pop Art Zombie Makeup

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Halloween is an enchanted time when costumes and masks are not only accepted but downright required! We say that it’s a time to shine and show your inner creativity! Be a walking gallery of your art by becoming your own canvas, or follow one of our free tutorials and be the person that makes heads roll!

This Halloween week, we are releasing the Pop-Art Zombie Tutorial. This cute concept was inspired by @ellie35x and painted by Christina Mondragon with Arteza’s UV Face Paints.

From the eccentrics that was Andy Warhol, Pop-Art has gained the quality to shock us even today. Borrowing their bold colors and patterns is sure to spin any head around this Hallow’s Eve. Watch the video for a time-lapsed tutorial with subtitles, or read below for the twelve basic steps to face paint a Pop-Art Zombie, and make your Halloween Pop with Art this year!

White Face Paint being applied to the lids of the model’s eyes

~Whoa~ Before we start! Make sure your face/body is clean and dry; Pick out your Colors; Activate the paints with a little water, mixing them to the consistency you need.

Step 1: Apply Paint Around the Eyes

With finger or sponge, apply a broad base of white UV paint around eyes and on highlight places - anywhere you’d like to glow a soft green. Make sure your coverage is complete and where you want it by checking the area under a blacklight.

Applying pink face paint to lower half of the model’s face with a sponge.

Step 2: Draw a Line to Section Off the Face and Fill in with Pink

Avoid Area for Zombie-Cheek-Teeth Details!

Draw a slightly jagged line down the bridge of the nose and along the underside of the left cheekbone with [pink] face paint. Then, use the sponge to fill the lower section of the face with [pink] UV Face paint. Be careful not to fill in where you’re going to paint in the zombie-cheeks! Ensure proper coverage in large areas by shining a blacklight.

Drawing black brain details on yellow paint over model’s right eyebrow.

Step 3: Draw in Base for Tear and Brain Detail

Paint eyelids with yellow, and add the base for the left tear. You will be adding black details and highlights to this later, so a base of blue in a tear shape is all you need. Over the right eye and above the highest point of pink, draw in a section for brains. Since Pop Art depends very heavily on bold and bright primary colors, we used yellow for our brains. Add brain details and lines with black paint, and shadow the area to create depth.

Drawing white circles on the upper half of model’s face.

Step 4: Draw in White Dots in Grid Pattern and Paint in Eyebrow

Paint in a bold, black eyebrow. Make it almost appear to lay flatly against the skin by ensuring your edges are very straight and sharp. Add in the “guideline” markings at the bridge of the nose and eyebrow with black paint. On the left eye area and forehead, add white dots in a grid-like pattern. The more they seem to be on a single plane and the straighter they are, the more two dimensional your model will look!

Filling in pink bottom with a sponge around the teeth details on cheeks.

Step 5: Draw in Teeth on Cheeks

With a flat brush, make vertical marks starting along the corner of the lips and heading out toward the center of the cheek. These strokes make the base of the teeth which we will be shading and blending later.

Painting the tears under the right eye.

Step 6: Add in Details of Tears and Eyebrows

Paint in right tear and add in bold eyebrow with nose bridge marks. Create a gray shadow around the zombie-cheek teeth, and fill the pink in around the teeth’s new gray border. Make sure your coverage is complete by checking the area with a blacklight.

Adding the highlights in the throat detail on the model.

Step 7: Paint in Throat Details and Color Lips

Begin adding the throat details by drawing in a trachea (the white section in our example) and the exposed tendons (the blue sections in our example) around it.  These first coats form the base color, and so we suggest using highly contrasting colors.

Outlining the pink mask with black face paint.

Step 8: Outline the Pink and the Tears in Black Paint

Outline the pink area with black paint by drawing a slightly jagged line down the middle of the nose and across the cheekbone. Add in the black outlines and details for the tears, and apply the wing eyeliner.

Outlining the lips and adding details to the face with black face paint

Step 9: Add Shadows to Face and Lips

Shadow the piece with black paint, giving depth to the pink mask area, the zombie-cheek teeth, and the lips. Bold black outlines help add to the two-dimensional Pop-Art feel and give more impact to the overall impression of the face painting.

Tip: Blend a bit of black paint with the color being shaded with for a lighter shadow inside the outlines.

Outlining and detailing the neck with black face paint

Step 10: Darken Details on the Throat with Black Paint

Add black details to the exposed zombie parts on the neck. Outline the pink with bold black lines, and begin shading the details to give the paint a more layered appearance.

Adding highlights of white to the lips.

Step 11: Add Highlights to Lips for Added Glow

The final touch is to add some highlights to the face painting. Luscious lips and bubbling tears are what this is all about, so mix some white with the base color, or just use straight white, and make those high points look drawn in place.

Finished Face Painting of Pop Art Zombie in regular light.

Step 12: Ready to Turn Heads!

This bold and innovative concept is sure to get your Halloween costume noticed without any of the discomforts from masks or oily paints that smear. These UV Face Paints dry lightweight and breathable on your skin without any “cracking” sensations. There are so many crafty and creative ways to incorporate face paint this Halloween, and there are so many artists to pull inspiration from! Check out our face painter Cristina Mondragon’s website for more inspiration, and pick up your own set of Arteza UV Face Paints now!

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