Art Professionals - Join the Arteza Trade Program!

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All of us have the power to create, and we want to provide the tools and art supplies you need to capture your imagination.
Art Professionals - Join the Arteza Trade Program!

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Join the Arteza Trade Program 

At Arteza, we stand behind professional artists. That’s why we’ve created a way for you to earn money while helping customers discover products they might be interested in. 

The Arteza Trade Program offers members the ability to share Arteza’s products and promotions while earning with every sale they generate. Each member receives a personalized link that can be shared via any platform and earn a commission. 

How does it work? 

Share products and offers with your audience through customized links and earn with every purchase you generate. 

Who can become a member?

    Arteza Trade Program members are art professionals who wish to become part of a community of arts & crafts enthusiasts. To qualify, all you need is an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter account or a personal blog/site where you can display your personal link.

    How do I earn commissions?

    Arteza Trade Program members earn commission by placing their personalized link – which they will receive upon joining the program from our program manager – on any of their social media accounts or personal blog pages to generate sales. Every sale that is generated via a personalized link will earn you up to 25% in commission. 

    Where do I sign up?

      Sign up for the Arteza Trade Program by clicking <Join Now> button on the banner and entering your email address.

      Does Arteza manage how and where I place my personal link?

        No. Every member of our program is free to place their personalized link wherever they choose as long as that platform reflects Arteza’s core values.

        What perks do I get as an Arteza Trade Program member?

        ⭐️ Personalized link to generate sales

        ⭐️ Up to 25% commission on every sale 

        ⭐️ Bonuses of up to $100 every month

        ⭐️ Personal discounts of up to 20%

        ⭐️ And more!

        Does Arteza use any 3rd party platforms for its Trade Program?

        Yes, Arteza has partnered up with ShareASale to make this program possible. Individuals interested in joining the program will be required to signup for Arteza's Trade Program using ShareAsale as a platform. 

        Arteza Trade Program is an extension of the Arteza Affiliate Program that brings product-related links from its members onto & to help customers discover products they might be interested in. It is pointed out for industry professionals who embrace art in all its forms and earn while doing it.

        Be active with Arteza and stay tuned!