Art Professionals - Join the Arteza Trade Program!

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All of us have the power to create, and we want to provide the tools and art supplies to fuel your self-expression.
Art Professionals - Join the Arteza Trade Program!

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What is the Arteza Trade Program?

Are you a passionate professional in the World of Art, working as an art dealer, gallerist, or art teacher?...If so, then here’s an opportunity to earn a sizeable income by partnering with Arteza, the nation’s premier arts & crafts suppliers for self-expression. 

Arteza is ranked #32 on the 2020 Inc.5000 List of the fastest growing privately-owned companies in America. In order to keep our engine’s momentum growing —a 7551% increase in revenue over 3 yrs.— we’re partnering with arts & crafts lovers and sharing the wealth.

What is Arteza Trade Program?

Qualified art professionals earn a 30% commission on the arts & crafts supplies purchased by your network of: colleagues, students, clients, and friends. As well, you receive a discount of 15% off on the products purchased for your personal use.

⭐️ Up to 30% commission on every sale 

⭐️ Bonuses of up to $100 every month

⭐️ Professional discount of 15% (One-time personal use)

⭐️ Progressive Tiered Bonus Structure  

⭐️ Exclusive Discount Code of 10% for Followers 

Who can become a member?

  • Any professional working in the Art World who feels confident sharing their love of art while earning cash in the process.  
  • You must have a personal social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), a Blog, or personal website, where you can place your unique seller link (that’s how you earn commissions!)
  • Any current or previous art instructor who has a captive audience can become part of the Trade Program.

How do I Join the Arteza Trade Program?

Arteza Trade Program is the Art Professional’s ideal way to earn top commission. By using a personalized link – which you’ll receive upon joining the Arteza Trade Program – on any of your social media accounts, emails, personal website, or Blogs, you’ll earn a commission when buyers click on that link and purchase an Arteza product.

⭐️ Click the ‘Join now’ button on the banner to begin the application process.

⭐️ Upon applying, we’ll officially approve you for our Trade Program; you’ll receive a unique link to begin sharing.  

⭐️Add this link to your social media, Blog, email, and any other platform where you communicate with your network, sharing products & special offers. 

⭐️Every sale generated via your unique link earns you up to 30% in commission.   

⭐️Receive payment once a month.


    Does Arteza manage how and where I place my personal link?

    No. Program members are free to place their personalized link on platforms where they have the legal authority to do so. We ask that you not misrepresent Arteza and adhere to our social standards.

    Does Arteza use any 3rd party platforms for its Trade Program?

    Yes, Arteza has partnered up with ShareASale to make this program possible. Individuals interested in joining the program will be required to signup for Arteza's Trade Program using ShareAsale as a platform. This is where you will get your unique seller link from. 

    Join Arteza Trade Program today!