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12 Day Advent Calendar

12 Day Advent Calendar

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with Arteza’s 12 Day Holiday Calendar. This artist’s advent calendar includes a wide range of wet media for artists of all backgrounds to explore! Get your paint on all throughout the holiday season with this absolute must-have artist’s advent calendar. We’ve included 12 artistic challenges for you to join us in during the countdown to Christmas! If you don’t celebrate Christmas there’s no need to worry, you can always adapt our holiday challenges to fit your celebrations and festivities. We welcome artists of all religions to join us in creatively celebrating this truly special time of the year! Artists all over the world are invited to share their work with the hashtag #ArtezaHolidays on social media. 

Share the artwork you create in response to the included 12 creative challenges for your chance to win one of our weekly prizes! Artists of all backgrounds, disciplines, ages, and abilities are encouraged to join us this holiday season in counting down to Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa the creative way! We’ll provide you with your daily tips and challenges here throughout this joyous season—be sure to scan the included QR Code every day to stay up to date! We can’t wait to see all that you create with this 12 Day Holiday Calendar, tag us on social media (#ArtezaHolidays) for your chance to win our weekly prizes! 

Day 1: Acrylic Pad, 16 Sheets, 4x4”

To ring in the first day of this special time of the year, we’ve provided you with a miniature version of our best selling acrylic pads. The portable size of this acrylic pad makes it ideal for countless winter arts and crafts projects!

Challenge #1: Depict what the beginning of the holiday season looks like for you! #ArtezaHolidays

Day 2: Acrylic Round Brush (#4)

Welcome this fabulous paint brush to your collection. This #4 round brush is suitable for acrylics, oil paints, gouaches, and mica powders. Well-crafted round paint brushes are an essential for painters of all skill levels. Use this premium acrylic round brush for today’s creative challenge! Be sure share your work of art with us on social media with #ArtezaHolidays 

Challenge #2: Create a painting of gorgeous Christmas garland! #ArtezaHolidays 

Day 3: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml)—Scarlet Red (A202)

This Scarlet Red tube of Premium Acrylic Paint will come in handy for today’s creative challenge! Our acrylic paints can be used on their own or diluted with water, making the creative possibilities endless. Each 22ml of our well-loved acrylic paint tubes is filled with pigment-packed paints that pack a punch! Use this tube of super blendable paint to create beautiful holiday-themed paintings. 

Challenge #3: We challenge you to paint a portrait of the one, the only, Santa Claus! Don’t forget to add a little extra paint to his rosy red cheeks. We Ho! Ho! Ho-pe you share your painting with us on social media with #ArtezaHolidays

Day 4: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml)—Yellow Green (A600)

This Yellow Green tube of our Premium Acrylic Paint will pair wonderfully with the tube you received yesterday. We’ve gifted you another tube of our highly pigmented acrylic paint to assist you in today’s creative challenge! 

Challenge #4: Paint a family of cozy Christmas trees! #ArtezaHolidays

Day 5: Acrylic Metallic Tube (22ml)—Pearl Sapphire Blue (A736)

Our Premium Acrylic Metallic Paints offer a little extra dazzle! Use this shimmery acrylic paint to complete today’s creative challenge. Don’t forget to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #ArtezaHolidays for your chance to win! 

Challenge #5: Deck the halls with a painting of Christmas tree ornaments using your new Pearl Sapphire Blue Acrylic Metallic Paint Tube. The metallic finish of this paint is perfect for painting shiny holiday ornaments—see for yourself by joining countless artists from across the globe in today’s artistic challenge! #ArtezaHolidays 

Day 6: Acrylic Metallic Tube (22ml)—Pearl Rose (A218)

Two is better than one, which is why we’ve provided you with another Premium Acrylic Metallic Paint Tube! You can blend our Premium Acrylic Paints with our Premium Acrylic Metallic Paints to create dazzling works of art with beautiful color schemes. Use this Pearl Rose paint with your Scarlet Red and Yellow Green acrylic paints for today’s creative challenge!

Challenge #6: What would the holiday season look like without poinsettias! Paint a beautiful poinsettia for today’s creative challenge. We can’t wait to see how your centerpieces turn out, share your poinsettia with us on social media with #ArtezaHolidays 

Day 7: Metallic Acrylic Marker (Fine Nib)—Silver (A702)

Our Premium Metallic Acrylic Markers invite artists to draw their paintings! This innovative marker makes painting easier, as it provides artists with more stability and control as they create. Paint with complete confidence using our fine nib, Metallic Acrylic Markers. Use your new Silver painting marker for today’s creative challenge!

Challenge #7: Silver bells…. Silver bells… It’s Christmas time in your sketchbook! Use your new Silver Metallic Acrylic Marker to paint a pair of holiday bells! Ring-a-ling! #ArtezaHolidays 

Day 8: 3 Small Wood Slices

Our Premium Wood Slices are a truly versatile canvas for artists. Creatives can burn, decorate, or paint these natural pine wood slices. We’ve taken the time to sand and polish the surface of your wood slices to save you the extra time and energy. Use the included wood slices for today’s creative challenge! Be sure to share your work with us by tagging your work with #ArtezaHolidays

Challenge #8: ‘Tis the season to reminisce on holiday memories. Use the included 3 Wood Slices to depict what your holiday’s past, present, and future look like! We invite you to create with whatever supplies you’d like, this can include paints, collage, pens, and markers. #ArtezaHolidays 

Day 9: Acrylic Paint Tube (22ml)—Titanium White (A001)

No acrylic paint collection would be complete without a tube of Titanium White! Since our acrylic paints are super blendable you can mix the color you desire effortlessly. Use this 22ml tube of Premium Acrylic Paint for today’s creative challenge! Tag us on social media with #ArtezaHolidays for your chance to win weekly prizes! 

Challenge #9: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Paint your own snow angel with your new TItanium White Acrylic Paint Tube! We’re eager to see your take on today’s snowy challenge. #ArtezaHolidays 

Day 10: Acrylic Metallic Tube (22ml)—Pearl Copper Gold (A129)

We’ve included another Acrylic Metallic Tube to add to your growing collection, this time in the color Pearl Copper Gold. It’s hard to imagine the holiday season without the gorgeous color gold! This shimmery shade will be perfect for today’s creative challenge. 

Challenge #10: Use your new Pearl Copper Gold Acrylic Metallic Tube to paint a star for the top of a Christmas tree. Make sure your tree topping holiday star is truly unique for your chance to win one of our weekly prizes! #ArtezaHolidays

Day 11: Acrylic Marker (Fine Nib)—Space Black (A003)

We’ve supplied you with another Premium Acrylic Marker, this time in Space Black. Our Acrylic Markers are perfect for artists and crafters since they are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, including canvas, wood, glass, ceramic, and some fabrics. Use this fine nib painting marker for today’s creative challenge!

Challenge #11: On Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, on Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen!… For today’s challenge, we want to see your best silhouette of Santa’s sleigh in action, using your new Space Black Acrylic Marker! Use the hashtag #ArtezaHoliday to share your work with artists from around the world. 

Day 12: Metallic Acrylic Marker (Fine Nib)—Gold (A700)

We’re sure you already fell in love with our premium painting markers as you completed the creative challenges thus far, so we’ve decided to gift you one more, in Gold. We can’t wait to see your take on today’s creative challenge using your new Metallic Acrylic Marker! 

Challenge #12: Your final holiday art challenge is to create a painting, drawing, or mixed media piece depicting dazzling Christmas lights! The Gold Metallic Acrylic Marker will be perfect for capturing the glow of your holiday lights. Share your finished piece with us on social media by tagging your post with #ArtezaHolidays

We hope you had yourself a holly, jolly, Holiday Season! 

Thank you for creating with us as we counted down to Christmas!

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