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Advent Calendar: Day 24 – Join the Arteza Countdown to Christmas Challenge!

Advent Calendar: Day 24 – Join the Arteza Countdown to Christmas Challenge!

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Get Festive with Arteza’s Holiday Advent Calendar

The most magical time of the year is here, and what better way to greet it than a countdown to Christmas! This year we’ve created a fun and interactive way to do so with our very own Holiday Calendar. Every day leading up to Christmas, you’ll open the doors to a new art tool with a fun guide to learning more about the product and a festive challenge prompting you to use it. Our bestselling products guide the way through this holiday journey filled with art supplies, ideas, inspiration and exciting opportunities to create art and win prizes.🎁

Joining the holiday fun is a breeze! Scan the QR code and unlock everything you need to complete the challenge. Make sure to hang on to this code; think of it as the key to Santa's workshop. 🎅🗝 Most importantly, don't forget to share your creations with us on social media by tagging us and using #ArtezaAdvent to be eligible for prizes and special discounts!

Ready for the magic to begin?✨ Scan the QR code (if you got your hands on our limited edition Holiday Art Advent Calendar) or visit the blog daily to reveal new tips, tricks, and challenges.

Day 1: Watercolor Book, Inkonic Pen & 2B Sketch Pencil

Begin your journey by warming up with some light sketches using a fresh 2B Sketch Pencil and the Inkonic Fineliner Pen in your new Watercolor Book. This book is perfect for all the holiday magic and fun you’ll be creating all month long. 🙌

Day 2: Come back tomorrow for the next project!

Tis’ the season for jolly drawings using our first product, an EverBlend Art Marker! Try out the different marker tips and brush up on some marker techniques to prepare for the upcoming festivities.🎉

Day 3: Water Brush Pen + Bonus Gift

Just fill the barrel with water and you’re ready to paint. Gently squeeze the Water Brush Pen and apply some water to your Watercolor Half-Pan. Now you’re ready to start making some artwork that’s merry and bright. If you love this brush, check out our other sets!

Day 4: Watercolor Paint Tube

Sometimes good things come in different packages and wrappings! Today, we’re giving you the gift of watercolor in a tube. If you’re new to the medium, visit our blog post on watercolor techniques to learn the basics—color mixing, wet & dry painting, blending, etc.—along with some other fun things to try.🖌

Day 5: Mica Powder

Wanna shine like gloss? 😎✨The holidays are a great time for Mica Powder. Use it to add a touch of shimmer to your paints or for a subtle way to add glittering color to bath bombs, soaps, candles and all other super crafts. 

Day 6: Real Brush Pen

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never given Real Brush Pens a try. Works like a brush, feels like a pen; they’re the perfect tool for drawing and painting. Learn how to use Arteza Real Brush Pens here.

Day 7: Acrylic Paint Tube

Paint and be merry with our Acrylic Paint!🎨 Choose from our large range of colors, including primary colors, metallics and neutrals. You can grab complete sets or choose from our wide selection of open stock offerings

Day 8: EverBlend Art Marker

Now that you have a second EverBlend Art Marker, mix things up and create some interesting gradients and designs. Learn more about these bright markers in this blog post.

Day 9: Watercolor Pencil

It must be a Christmas miracle because you can now transform your drawings into paintings with Watercolor Pencils. Add a touch of water and watch your pencil lines turn into beautiful washes of color. New to them? Check out our blog to learn more about how to use Watercolor Pencils!

Day 10: The next project will be revealed tomorrow!

Create a winter wonderland with Gouache Paint!☃️ These unique paints can be used like watercolors but are opaque and dry matte. Use a touch of water for solid areas of colors or add a bit more to create translucent layers. Learn the various techniques for using gouache!

Day 11: Come back tomorrow for the next project!

Visions of sugar plums are dancing through our heads, thanks to these Watercolor Half-Pans!🤩 You can create magical scenes with these highly pigmented pans filled with paint that just needs a touch of water to activate. You now also have a metallic pan, so you can add that extra dazzle to your painting.

  • Challenge #1

We’re almost halfway to Christmas and you’ve been introduced to a variety of tools and different colors. Your challenge is to use all these mediums to create a drawing of what you want Santa to bring you. Share your work with us by tagging us on Instagram and using #ArtezaAdvent. ☃️

Day 12: Real Brush Pen

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with the second Real Brush Pen in our calendar! Combine it with the one you got earlier this month to make a merry twig of mistletoe. This is a fun drawing you can use on holiday cards, gift tags or on your other seasonal decorations. 

Day 13: EverBlend Art Marker 

  • Challenge #2

If you were one of Santa’s elves, what would you look like? Today’s challenge is to draw yourself as an elf incorporating your new EverBlend Art Marker and then share it with us on social media. Don’t forget to tag us and use #ArtezaAdvent. 📸

Day 14: Mica Powder

  • Challenge #3

Deck the halls by drawing a festive wreath with a sprinkle of Mica Powder. Use it alone as a highlight on the holly leaves, or combine it with different paint colors to add a unique shimmer to your art. Whether you choose to draw leaves with rough edges or smooth, you’ll get a chance to try this versatile art supply.

Day 15: Watercolor Half-Pan

  • Challenge #4

Did you leave Santa a special treat on Christmas Eve? 🎅 Do you remember a special dessert you only had during the holidays? Share your favorite Christmas delectables with everyone incorporating watercolor paint from today’s art supply—a half pan. 

Day 16: Metallic Acrylic Paint Tube

  • Challenge #5

Do you have a favorite ornament on your Christmas tree? Did you have a special one when you were a kid? Now’s the time to show everyone by using some Metallic Acrylic Paint to create a painting of it. This versatile paint can be used on paper, canvas, plastic, glass and more, so feel free to decorate an ornament as a reminder of this Advent Challenge and share with us on Instagram using #ArtezaAdvent !

Day 17: Watercolor Pencil

  • Challenge #6

Create the perfect Christmas tree using your new Watercolor Pencil, then trim it with all kinds of fun ornaments. To give your tree a little extra character, add a bit of water by going over your drawing with a wet paintbrush, or by dipping your pencil into water before drawing with it. You’ll be able to add lovely watercolor effects as a base for your ornaments and decorations.🎄

Day 18: Mica Powder

  • Challenge #7

Time for a little pampering. Today, your challenge is to create fizzy bath bombs using Mica Powder. Never made a bath bomb? Check out our blog for simple instructions and then make some for yourself and as gifts for the special people on your Christmas list. Tag your artwork and share it with us! 🛁

Day 19: Watercolor Half-Pan 

  • Challenge #8

Add a festive glow to your paintings with today’s new Watercolor Half-Pan. There are so many unique characters when it comes to the holiday season. Draw your favorite christmas character or create your own! 🦌

Day 20: Metallic Gouache Paint Tube

  • Challenge #9

Ever wonder what Santa does during the summer? 🤔Do you think he’s relaxing on a tropical island or fishing on a beautiful lake? Maybe he’s taking the elves to a theme park! Today, we want you to show us how Santa spends his time off, using Metallic Gouache Paint.

Day 21: Metallic Watercolor Pencil

  • Challenge #10

It’s time to make a holiday house call. We want you to draw your version of the ultimate gingerbread house by incorporating this Metallic Watercolor Pencil. Is your house more of a cottage or a castle? We’d love to see it! Share with us using #ArtezaAdvent 🍪 

Day 22: Real Brush Pen 

  • Challenge #11

Just like a snowflake, you're one of a kind! ❄️ Today’s challenge is to draw yourself as a snowflake. Use the Real Brush Pen and your other tools to illustrate how you would look if you were a snowflake. Are you lacy? Do you have more than five points? Show us how you’re different than all the other snowflakes out there. 

Day 23: Watercolor Paint Tube

  • Challenge #12

The ugly Christmas sweater has become a tradition and now’s your chance to design one that‘s uglier than all the rest! Try your hand at creating an ugly Christmas Sweater with the Watercolor Paint Tube and other tools you’ve collected along the way. Also make sure to check out our blog on how to design your own Holiday Christmas Sweaters.

Day 24: 3D Fabric Paint + Glitter

It’s Christmas Eve and now we can end our time creating together with a big finish! Decorate your Watercolor Book cover with our 3D Fabric Paint and Glitter!🤩

The holidays are such a magical time and we hope we’ve added to the excitement for you with our Arteza Advent Calendar. You should give yourself a big high-five for accomplishing 24 projects! Along the way you’ve learned how to use some of our most popular products—EverBlend Art Markers, Real Brush Pens, Mica Powders, Watercolor Paints, Metallic Acrylic Paints & more!

Our hope for you during the holidays and in the new year is that you’ll take what you learned here and will stay inspired to create more and more art!

Happy Holidays, 
Frohe Feiertage, 
Feliz Navidad, 
Joyeuses fêtes,
Merry Christmas! 

The Arteza Team🎄

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Juanita Morales Gil - April 28, 2022

I can’t find the advent calendar, are they out of sale or what???

Karen Carter - April 28, 2022

Hello All,
I am loving my Advent calendar and look forward to each day’s surprise and challenge. My surprise today was that I did not get anything . It says online it should be a watercolor pencil. This also happened on Day 1 when I did not receive a 2B pencil. The boxes with the missing surprises are next to each other and think there may have been some glitch in the factory? Sad.

Arteza - April 28, 2022

This QR code is on the back of the limited edition Holiday Art Advent Calendar.

Tessa - April 28, 2022

Where do I find the challenges for the Advent calendar? Am I’m overlooking something? All I’m seeing is this page with the tips and tricks when I scan the QR code.

Megan - April 28, 2022

It was behind the door for Day #1 in the box.

Arteza - April 28, 2022

This QR code should be on the back of the limited edition Holiday Art Advent Calendar.

Eileen Curatolo - April 28, 2022

Where do you get the QR code?

Sharlene Bagga - April 28, 2022

Is there a place we can post our creations? Lovely calendar!

Arteza - April 28, 2022

Hey there, Sharlene! Feel free to post your submissions on Instagram or Facebook and use #ArtezaJoyContest then tag us in the captions; @artezaofficial or on Instagram or @artezacolors or on Facebook.

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