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Artist Spotlight: Focusing on Local Artist Cristina Mondragon

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Delving into Body Painting
  3. Living Art
  4. Body Painting Advice
  5. Stay Connected to Art
Cristina Mondragon with face painted cracks down her neck and chest.

As you’ve noticed, this month we featured local artist and body painter Cristina Mondragon. We were excited to not only have her try out and help us improve Arteza’s Face Paint and UV Face Paint sets, but also to get our faces painted by the talented artist that is Cristina Mondragon. She was such an absolute pleasure in our studio and to work with, we are a little disappointed Halloween is almost here!

I got so excited at all the illusions that she created, that I needed to sit down and talk with her. I discovered that she has a love for pen and ink art as well as acrylics. Truly a well-rounded artists, it is still body painting that has captured her artistic heart.

Cristina Mondragon painted to look like Scar from The Lion King

Delving into Face Paint

When I sat down with Cristina, my first question was why face painting. I mean, it is such a unique medium! Cristina must get this question a lot because she was totally ready for me. She explained that it’s exactly the uniqueness of the medium that attracts her to it.

She doesn’t have a typical, flat canvas to work with. Everybody is different and it is this amazing challenge that gets Cristina’s creativity bubbling! Not only is she engaged with the subject she’s painting, but also the canvas itself. How is she going to make this person someone completely different?

Cristina Applying the Pop Art Zombie Face paint to the model

Living Art

Not only is Cristina intrigued with helping someone else delve into their alter ego, but she tends to paint a lot on herself, releasing her own inner characters. She wants the illusion to be whole on the people she paints so they can internalize and actually become the person or thing they are painted as. This whole concept of living her art is novel and inspiring.

Many mindsets are on the permanency of art; Picasso painted on a canvas and it hangs in a museum - the end. Dead and silent this piece hangs hoping to connect its original messages and emotions to those who view it passively. This is not so with Cristina - her art lives in the moment and on flesh. Sure we have our amazing photos of the piece to look back over time, but there is something about each piece that is tied directly to the soul on which it is painted - the canvas of our bodies that allows us to internalize the amazing style and talent of Cristina.

Avatar Face Paint under UV light

Body Painting Advice

If seeing all of Cristina's tutorials this month hadn’t already inspired you to try your own hand at face painting, then I hope some of her own passionate reasons for investing in this art medium have. I know I can’t wait to play with face paints this Halloween!

I had to ask Cristina what tips she had, and what she has the most difficulty with. Her number one point was to just keep going. Sometimes you put a color down or make a mismark and it feels like you just ruined everything, but, Cristina says, there are always ways to incorporate even the largest mistakes.

Remember to take deep breaths, brace yourself, and enjoy discovering the way the paint covers the skin. Face paint is something fun, and you should have a light-hearted approach to applying it. Watching cartoons, sketching some of your favorite characters, and even embracing the stories that make you love those characters will all aid you in recreating the illusion of those characters on your model.

Cristina Mondragon face painted - complete body paint - as a female Deadpool.

Stay Connected to Art

Cristina’s definitely inspired our Halloween costumes this year, and I hope we helped to spread her love of art on to you. Bringing interesting and new ideas to you and promoting the art community are two very important concepts for Arteza. We were so lucky to have been able to feature this local Miami Artist this month, and hope that connecting you together will help inspire more creativity and art in our world!

Check out our face painting tutorials here and don’t forget to follow us both on Instagram @yo_artsy and @artezaofficial!

Keep Creating!

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