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ARTEZA Pens for Calligraphy

We’re people just like you who get up every morning and go to the job that will define our lives. Much like the students, artists, and dreamers we work with, we don’t want to simply punch the clock. We want to inspire – and we want to be inspired.

For us, art is more than something we do – it’s an expression of the human experience.

Whether it’s a reflection of our happiness, our grief, our joy, our wonder, or our longing, art is the legacy we will leave behind to tell future generations who we were at this place in time. It’s a beacon in a dark and confusing night that connects us to our fellow beings. Art can heal, communicate, and bring us to our knees.

That’s why we believe it should be available to everyone. Because everybody is a part of what we are.

That’s why we make Arteza art supplies affordable to creators with every budget.

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Art is about the journey. We provide the tools – you steer the way.