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Acrylic Pad, Black, 6" x 6", 16 Sheets- Pack of 2


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  • Black Acrylic Pad - Paint colors pop against the black background  
  • 32 Sheets - Each acrylic pad features 16 sheets of 6”x6” black acrylic painting paper; this 2-pack is ideal for anyone on the go, or low on storage space 
  • Thick Painter’s Paper - Paint with: acrylic paints, gouache paints, oil paints, tempera paints, acrylic painting markers, and more on our thick, 400 gsm (246 lbs) paper 
  • Glue-Bound Pad - The secure glue bindings allow you to easily remove your true-to-size 6”x6” sheets when you’re ready to showcase your work
  • Acid-Free Sheets - Preserves the vibrancy and integrity of your work by preventing: hue deterioration, fading, yellowing, warping, buckling, and puckering 


Our Acrylic Pads are a wonderful alternative to painting on traditional canvases. This 2-pack of acrylic painting pads is perfect for anyone low on storage space, anyone constantly on the go, and anyone looking to cut down on the cost of their painting supplies. Our black acrylic pads come in the portable size of 6 x 6 inches. 


The heavyweight black acrylic paper composing our Acrylic Pads is optimal for: acrylic, gouache, tempera, and oil paints, as well as pouring paints and painting markers. The deep black background provided by our black acrylic pad add additional dimension and depth into your work. Our acid-free sheets prevent hue deterioration and warping to keep your work looking fresh over the years. 


This 2-pack of Acrylic Pads is perfect for any artist looking to sharpen their painting skills. Large canvases can be intimidating at times, that’s why smaller scale, acrylic painting paper is a much more approachable alternative. Secure our Acrylic Pad 2-pack and encourage yourself to paint more.