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Acrylic Paint Sets

Find the perfect acrylic paint set for your next big project. Acrylic paints are wildly popular with artists and crafters because of their fast drying time and their unparalleled versatility. Used by hobbyists and professionals alike, acrylics can achieve a beautiful vibrancy and depth. You can create layers as each section dries which makes correcting minor mistakes and creating dimensional pieces easy. The characteristics of acrylic paints also make them a great choice for mixed-media work. You can use these paints on nearly any surface and can use unique tools like palette knives, string, and more to paint with them.


How do you use acrylic paint? In general, you’ll want to grab a good set of synthetic brushes and a palette to start off. Also, keeping a water cup nearby will allow you to easily clean your brushes off between each color. Set up your palette with all the colors you need and use a variety of brush strokes to create your piece. If you choose to mix this paint with a pouring medium, you can also use them for acrylic pouring as well.


Is acrylic paint waterproof? Yes, acrylics will be waterproof when they dry. While wet, you still have a chance to remove if from your canvas and you can dilute acrylics with water. But in general, once it is dried, you should no longer be able to remove it.


Is acrylic paint washable? Dried acrylic paint is not easily washable, but using an alcohol-based cleaner or other stain removers can work to dissolve the paint. To get paint off of skin or hair, a soak in a hot bath or shower should loosen it enough to be able to peel it off. When the paint is wet, you can simply clean it off with a bit of soap and water.


Whether you’re just starting your art journey or are a seasoned artist, you’ll love the rich blendability and coverage of our wide range of acrylic paints. Mix colors to create unique shades or choose from the colors we have to offer to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. You’ll also find paints for your specific projects as well such as acrylics specifically for the outdoors, shimmering metallics acrylics, ready-to-pour acrylics, and so much more. Explore this page and find the perfect set for you!



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