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Complete Woodless Watercolor Bundle

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  • The Perfect Set - 2 Premium Watercolor Pads, 6 Water Brush Pens, and 24 Woodless Watercolor Pencils
  • Watercolor Pads - 2 pads consist of 32 full size sheets (9in x 12in) that are cold pressed, acid-free, heavyweight paper (140lb/300g) for optimal durability
  • Water Brush Pens - Set of 6 self-moistening, portable pens with a transparent barrel and innovative push-button grip to allow artists to monitor and perfectly control the flow of moisture to the tip to execute beautiful effects like line variations and alternating gradients.
  • Woodless Watercolor Pencils - 24 rich pigmented, lightfast and pre-sharpened colored pencils excellent for shading and shadows, layering, blending, and more
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If your product does not perform to your expectations, simply request a refund or replacement


This Woodless Watercolor Bundle is a bargain grab for art enthusiasts who are ready to foray into the world of woodless pencils and watercoloring. The set features everything a budding watercolorist would need in their creative arsenal to experiment with new mediums and art techniques on their next work. Our environmentally friendly pencils are 100% woodless, coated in a lacquer to prevent colors from rubbing together and will have you using them over and over again since they contain five times more lead than traditional pencils. When you apply the woodless pencil tip to a surface, the colors lay down smooth with their soft, break-resistant cores perfect for layering, blending, and mixing colors. Add a dab of moisture to take your artwork to the next level with the assortment of Water Brush Pens to create stunning watercolor effects. These come with two fine tips, two medium tips, and two broad tips so you can always make the perfect stroke. You’re in control of how much moisture is used with the innovative EZ Squeeze button. Create your masterpiece on the Watercolor Pads which are perfectly optimized for wet media -- and even most dry media. These heavyweight pages perfectly absorb moisture without warping, while their acid-free nature guarantees that your colors won’t fade.

No stains on hands or clothing and more lead provided when working with these richly pigmented colored pencils that are coated in a special lacquer sheath, Perfect for watercoloring, aquarelle, sketches, drawings, and coloring books.