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24 Woodless Watercolor Pencils and 6 Water Brush Pens



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Arteza Woodless Watercolor Pencils
  • 24 unique water soluble colors
  • Woodless and environmentally friendly
  • Coated in lacquer to prevent rubbing and can be sharpened with any sharpener
  • Five times more lead than wooden colored pencils
  • Create even strokes with minimal pressure - Perfect for adult watercoloring
Arteza Water Brush Pens
  • Set of 6 - includes 3 fine and 3 broad tip assorted size water brush pens
  • Durable nylon fiber tips hold their point and are easy to clean with water
  • Self-moistening & portable - ideal for travel and art classes
  • Control water flow with the EZ-SQUEEZE button
  • Works well with watercolors, water soluble colored pencils, real brush pens, and much more

Arteza Woodless Watercolor Pencils
Five times more lead than wooden colored pencils
Constructed from solid 7.2 mm soft core high-density color lead and coated with a special lacquer sheath.
Water Soluble
Perfect for watercoloring, aquarelle, sketches, drawings, and coloring books.
The color will not fade and they are environmentally friendly
Pencils are pre-sharpened and can be sharpened with any type of pencil sharpener. Carry these coloring pencils around with you whenever you feel the need to sketch a quick idea.
24 Unique Colors
With 24 rich & vibrant colors to choose from you'll find exactly what you’re looking for your next masterpiece.
Arteza Water Brush Pens
The set of 6 includes:
1 x small fine tip pen
1 x medium fine tip pen
1 x large fine tip pen
1 x small broad tip pen
1 x medium broad tip pen
1 x large broad tip pen
Thick Barrel
Each Arteza Water Brush Pen comes with a large transparent barrel which shows the amount of the remaining liquid in the pen to ensure your creative projects never come to an unforeseen end. A single pen lasts for quite a few paintings before needing to be refilled. 
The innovative push-button grip can be easily pressed and perfectly controls the flow of moisture to the tip, so you can achieve beautiful effects like line variations, and harmoniously alternating gradients. 
Accurate Brush Tip
The brush tips are crafted from nylon bristles that hold their point and are made to withstand wear and usage. They provide a sensitive response to pressure and allow for delicate lines or broad pools of color.