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Crafty Clay Bundle

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  • A Perfect Set - 42 colors of oven-bake Polymer Clay plus 42 Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools
  • Bright, Unique Colors - Solid, neon, and metallic colors included
  • Jewelry Pack - The clay set comes with accessories that allow you to turn your clay into jewelry
  • Durable - Made of stainless steel, the tips of these clay and sculpting tools will not bend under pressure; plus, they allow for maximum precision

Love sculpting clay? Then this is the bundle for you!

Experience bright, unique colors in our set of 42 bakeable Polymer Clay bars. With colors ranging from Titanium White to Bumblebee Yellow, Punch Pink to Lavender, Denim Blue to Turtle Green, Burnt Umber to Dolphin Gray--you’ll always have the color you’re searching for. Our modeling clay is soft, non-sticky, and easy to mold. Compared to other types of clay, polymer clay doesn’t harden quickly in room temperature. However, it can be baked and once that’s done, it becomes durable, waterproof, and washable.

Unsure of what to make? Not a problem! We’ve included a convenient accessory pack to provide some inspiration for your clay making ventures. You can make earrings, pendants, key chains, and more! All of these items (plus 5 sculpting tools) come packaged in a sturdy box with a handle for easy transportation wherever your imagination may take you. This clay is totally non-toxic, conforming to regulations ASTM-D4236 and EN 71; it can safely be used in the creative genius of both children and adults.

Create the sculpture of your dreams with our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools. With 42 items, you can do a variety of things with your clay, from smoothing to cleaning, carving to shaping, and so much more. These professional quality materials are a perfect fit for the beginning phases of the novice to the more advanced work of the professional. Their tips are made of a durable stainless steel that allows for maximum precision as it doesn’t bend under pressure. What’s more, with their ergonomic wooden handles, you’ll experience maximum comfort handling these tools.

Grab this bundle today and get sculpting!

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