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Brushes & Tools

Get the perfect paintbrush to bring your greatest ideas to life. Good acrylic paint brushes allow you to create expressive strokes, fine details, and even coverage over any canvas or paper. Paintbrushes for can be made from a variety of materials. Popular bristles include synthetic, boar's hair, or red sable. Each bristle type feels different and will apply the paint differently to your surface. You always want to take good care of your brushes and clean them properly because these are essential tools for your creative process. As you paint, it often will feel as if your brush is an extension of your own arm. Find the right brush for your next creation and start creating.


What are palette knives used for? Palette knives offer wide range to painters of all levels. Palette knives can be used to mix paints evenly; using a palette knife to mix your paints is what most professional artists do, as this creates a truly evenly mixed color. Also, mixing your paints with a palette knife is better because it saves your paint brush the additional wear and tear. You can also apply your paints with your palette knife to create impressive texture in your work.


What are paintbrushes made of? Paintbrushes are made of a handle, a metal ferrule that holds the bristles and brush itself. The handle can be as simple as a piece of plastic or as fancy as hardwood. You can also find many bristle types ranging from hard synthetic brushes to soft natural hair.  


How do I clean paintbrushes? You’ll want to clean them as soon as you finish working to prevent paint from drying on the brush. Rinse the bristles with warm water and use a brush cleaner to remove stubborn paint. You’ll want to try not to change the shape of the brush as you clean it. Try not to use regular soap or detergent on your brushes because the soap could effect your future paintings. You’ll also want to make sure not to get water into the ferrule of the brush because this could cause the ferrule to fall off the handle. 


How do I remove acrylic paint from brushes? You can use the same process as described for washing your brushes in general. If you’re trying to clean off the paint after it has dried, then that could be a bit more difficult. In that case you may not be able to remove the paint any longer. You could try soaking it to try and remove the paint, but if the acrylic has been dried for a long time you may simply need a new brush.


Paintbrushes come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors and each one can be used to create different effects and strokes. If you’re working on an acrylic painting you may want to grab a set of nice synthetic brushes. Watercolor paints require lots of water so natural hair brushes are a better choice because they’ll hold onto more water. Finding the perfect brush for your project is so important and it can take some trial and error to find the brushes you like most. Grab a set today and start creating something new.


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