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20x30" White Foam Boards - Set of 12


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  • Premium Foam Board – Convenient pack of 12 premium, lightweight, and durable white foam-board sheets, each measuring 20x30” and with a ⅕” thickness.
  • Multifunctional – These foam boards are perfect for projects like painting, crafting, and modeling or for creating signage, presentations, and much more.
  • Smooth White Surface – Crisp and clean, the surface of ARTEZA Foam Boards accepts the application of many types of media, allowing endless creative solutions.
  • Double-Sided – With each individual foam board, each side is the same as the other, giving you two fully-usable sides to each sheet.

These 12 white foam board sheets are lightweight, rigid, and durable, allowing you tons of possibilities with your creative endeavors. Each board measures 20x30” and is ⅕” thick.

Enjoy the multitude of possibilities with ARTEZA’s Foam Boards -- ideal for crafting, cutting, modeling and DIY projects, signs, frames, backdrops, presentation projects
– the options are endless! Only your creativity limits what you can do with these foam boards.

Each board features a clean, glistening white surface that provides you with easy, stress-free application of paints, markers, or glue for your projects.

Every board is made from a double-sided polystyrene foam-core board laminated between two sheets of pH neutral paper. You’ll get twice the space for your creations with these foam boards!