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Watercolor Effects Bundle

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  • A Perfect Set - Set of 24 Real Brush Pens and 24 Woodless Watercolor Pencils
  • Real Brush Pens - Water-based ink and a flexible nylon brush tip create beautifully rich watercolor effects
  • Woodless Water Color Pencils - These pencils offer richly pigmented color that lasts -- and with a dab of water, you can turn them into watercolors
  • Create Stunning Watercolor Effects - With this bundle you can make beautiful watercolor masterpieces, all without ever having to pick up a paint brush

Do you appreciate watercolors but find that you're not much of a painter? No problem! With this bundle, you can create beautiful watercolor masterpieces all without ever having to pick up a paint brush. The Real Brush Tips use a non-toxic water-soluble ink to create watercolor effects that are vibrant and long-lasting. With their flexible nylon brush tips, you can create fine, medium, and broad strokes. These pens are perfect not only for their watercoloring effect, but also for calligraphy, sketching, drawing, and more! The Woodless Watercolor Pencils offer beautifully dense color with a high lightfast rating. They're environmentally friendly as they're 100% woodless. Their soft, break-resistant cores make it easy to mix, blend, and layer colors. Coated in a lacquer, you won't have to worry about staining your hands with color. Add a dab of water and you can create brilliant watercolor effects! With five times more lead than traditional pencils, you'll be creating for a while. What masterpiece will you make?