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60 Gel Ink Pens and 60 Pen Refills

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Arteza 60 Gel Pens & 60 Refills
  • Beautiful assortment of 60 unique colors includes: 7 Classic, 9 Pastel, 6 Neon, 10 Metallic, 12 Glitter, 10 Fluorescent, and 6 Rainbow (changes color as you draw)
  • Comfortable triangular shaped barrel for accurate writing and drawing 
  • 0.8 - 1.0mm ballpoint ideal for coloring books
  • Acid-free and non-toxic ink doesn’t smear, fade, or skip
  • Easily create beautiful lines of color with minimal pressure

Arteza 60 Gel Pens & 60 Refills
Triangular Grip
The etched grooves on the body ensure a solid grip, thus allowing you to achieve optimal precision in you work
Non Toxic Ink
The 0.8-1.0mm metal tips provide a smooth flow of non toxic ink as you work for even application of beautiful, thick, opaque color. 
Premium Quality
These premium quality gel pens are well made for a superior comfort and solid grip. The long-lasting 0.8-1.0 mm metal tips give a steady flow of ink for an easy glide that won’t skip.    
Long Lasting
Enjoy your Arteza Gel Pens for an insanely long time. The ink in each pen can be used hundreds of times and will still flow smoothly.
Replaceable Core
When the ink does finally run out, the fun could still go on since each pen has a replaceable core. These pens are ideal for the ‘Arteza Gel Pens Ink Refills’
Visible Ink Level
To ensure that your project doesn’t come to an unforeseen halt, the pen itself is made from transparent hard plastic, so you can see how much ink is still left in the pen.
Enjoy this wonderful set of 60 gel pens in unique colors for adult coloring books, scrapbooks, journals, notebooks, greeting cards, party invites, and much more.

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