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45mm Rotary Cutter & 5 Replacement Blades



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  • Contains one (1) 45mm rotary cutter with five (5) replacement blades
  • Blades are made from SKS-7 tungsten Japanese steel & fits most brands including Olfa® & Fiskars®
  • Ergonomically designed handle with soft-grip for comfort
  • Blade guard safety with lock feature for protection
  • Compatible to use with right & left hand

Cutting edge precision is at your fingertips with the Arteza Quilting Rotary Cutter

When quilting every moment has the potential to ignite the human spirit and inspire our hearts to create something new and beautiful. For moments like these stay on the cutting edge with the Arteza Quilting Rotary Cutter to craft, cut, and sew your ideas into reality from the depths of your imagination

Made for creative souls on an artist's budget
Affordable Tools. Professional Quality. #MadeWithArteza.

Slash Through 4 Layers
Effortlessly cut through materials like paper, fabric, vinyl, and felt with these incredibly sharp tungsten Japanese steel blades. Even tough materials like carpet, thick foam, batting, leather, and nylon are no match to the power of the Arteza Rotary Blades. With one sweeping movement, slash through up to four layers of fabric like a samurai, with authentic Japanese steel! 

Samurai Strength
Stay on the cutting edge of art… for longer. The rotary Japanese steel blades are incredibly tough, resistant, and durable, outlasting other brands. They simply stay sharp.

Interchangeable With Other Brands
Arteza Quilting Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades are compatible with other brands 

Ergonomically Designed Handle
Don’t wear out your hands. The Arteza Quilting Rotary Cutter has an ergonomically designed handle with soft anti-slip grip for maximum comfort, allowing you to do what you love for longer. 

Safety First
The shape of the head is designed so that just enough of the blade is revealed to facilitate an optimal cut of your materials, and nothing else. The handle comes with a locking safety mechanism that covers the blade when not in use. The blades come in a free safety carry case to ensure that your blades stay sharp, lubricated, and most importantly, safe.