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Marker Tip Tweezer

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  • Easily Change Marker Nibs - Swap the nibs of your pens without the mess on your hands or surface
  • Stainless Steel - The tweezers are crafted from quality stainless steel for a stable and durable design
  • For a Variety of Markers - Use these on any marker nib such as Everblend Art markers, chalk markers, acrylic markers, and more
  • Protects Nibs from Damage - Keep the integrity and shape of your nib intact as you swap them for a different type of nib or refill your marker

Grab your stainless steel marker nib tweezers and change out your old nibs for a fresh new one. Whether you’re swapping out nibs you’ve had for a long time or need to swap the type of tip you need, these tweezers will help you do just that. The tweezers are also specially designed so that you won’t damage your nib in the process of removing it. This means you’ll be able to protect the integrity of any style nib so you can use them again later.


These tweezers will help you keep your hands clean and get you back to work quickly. The compact design is great to keep in your marker case, art bag, or even your marker holder. Even if you commonly work with chalk markers or acrylic markers, these marker tweezers will be able to grip onto their nibs and remove them. By being able to swap the nibs, you extend the life of your marker dramatically. This way you can use your markers until all the ink is gone, as opposed to when the nib gets destroyed.


Remove your EverBlend Art Marker tips easily with our Marker Nib Tweezers. This pair of marker tweezers will make replacing your marker tips as hassle-free a task as possible, so you have more time to spend creating vibrant marker drawings. Upgrade to our Marker Nib Tweezers to ensure replacing your marker nibs is an absolute breeze everytime!