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Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Turn your body into artwork with temporary tattoos. Get all the fun of body art without the permanence. You can even give them a sparkly touch with glitter temporary tattoos. Use these for a fun activity during a party or apply some to yourself for a fun music festival. These little body decorations can last for long enough for you to be able to enjoy them but eventually will come off when you’re done with them. Add some fun flair to yourself and try a set today!


How do temporary tattoos work? There’s a couple of different types of temporary tattoos. A traditional temporary tattoo on paper is a sticky film that you transfer to your skin with water. Another type involves a skin safe adhesive that you’ll cover with glitter or foil. Both are meant to be non-toxic and safe for your skin so you won’t have any harmful side effects. 


How long do temporary tattoos last? This will depend on a multitude of factors such as friction, how often you scrub it, and if it was applied properly. In general, temporary tattoos can last from a couple of days to several weeks. 


What removes temporary tattoos? Since they are typically just a light adhesive on your skin, you could, in theory, scrub a temporary tattoo off. If you’re looking for less painful options, you can use baby oil or rubbing alcohol to rub the tattoo off your skin. You can also use tape to remove the film from your skin. 


Body art has been around for centuries, but now we can enjoy a more temporary version of permanent tattoos. Whether you’re using these to decorate yourself for a party or you’re just using these for fun, it’s a stylish touch to your personal look. You’ll even find that metallic temporary tattoos can replicate the look of precious metals making it look as if you have jewelry on at all times. Change up your normal look with a fun and festive temporary tattoo. Get your set today and see how you can style them.


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