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Watercolor Pencils

Ever wanted to create watercolors without any of the stress or mess? If so, watercolor pencils are what you’ve been searching for! Watercolor pencils make painting more approachable, inclusive, and all together easier. To produce a stunning watercolor painting all you have to do is draw a picture, color it with watercolor pencils, then add a splash of water to blend your colors, and voula! Whether you’re just learning how to paint with watercolors, or you’re looking for a travel-friendly alternative to watercolor paints, our Watercolor Pencils have got you covered! Some artists prefer to work with both watercolor paints and watercolor pencils, since they both bring a lot to the table. Explore just how wonderful working with watercolors can be with our Watercolor Pencils! 


Which Arteza Watercolor Pencil Set is for me? To find the perfect set of watercolor pencils, first ask yourself do I prefer woodless or traditional pencils? Our Woodless Watercolor Pencils provide artists with far more pigment/lead than a typical watercolor pencil, ensuring this set will last you a long time! Additionally, the pencils included in our Woodless Watercolor Pencils Set of 24 are break-resistant, certified non-toxic, and pigment-packed. Our premium Professional Watercolor Pencils arrive pre-sharpened and feature break-resistant lead, that is stronger and lasts longer than typical watercolor pencils; you can find our Professional Watercolor Pencils in a Set of 48, Set of 72, and Set of 120


If your pencil is constantly rolling away from you while you create, your best match is our Triangle Shaped Watercolor Pencils. Children and senior citizens love our non-roll, super vibrant, triangle-shaped watercolor pencils. Their ergonomic triangular-shaped barrel will make coloring more enjoyable for your loved ones. Regardless of your artistic background, you are capable of creating beautiful watercolor paintings, all you need is the right tools!


Which paint brush is best for working with watercolor pencils? We recommend using water brush pens or watercolor paint brushes when working with watercolor pencils. Our Water Brush Pens distribute the exact desired amount every time so you are in complete control of your water distribution while transforming your drawings into watercolor paintings. Set yourself up for creative success by investing in our Water Brush Pens Set of 4 and Watercolor Brushes Set of 5 alongside your next set of Arteza Watercolor Pencils! 


Invest in a set of our Watercolor Pencils to create immersive watercolor effects effortlessly.