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Woodless Colored Pencils (Set of 24)

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  • BRIGHT AND BOLD. Rich colors arise from the unique composition of these pencils.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY. No guilty conscious here. These graphite, woodless colored pencils are a sustainable future's best friend
  • CONVENIENT. Carrying tube fits into handy places + has pleasing, artisan look
  • PERFECT FOR LAYERING. For advanced art projects, these pencils masterfully blend and layer together, reflecting the professional-grade materials used in their construction.
  • NO SCRATCHING. No wasted material. Eliminates all the usual frustrations of colored pencils. Makes masterpieces and adult coloring books all the more zen.

These woodless coloring pencils have richly saturated pigments that are lightfast and perfect for many different types of art and art techniques including sketches, portraits, coloring books. Excellent for shading and shadows, layering, blending, and more. Carry these coloring pencils around with you whenever you feel the need to sketch a quick idea. If you're an established artist you can definitely use them for your serious works. Artist grade ARTEZA's woodless colored pencils are perfect for shading, blending, shadows and other serious art uses, and they are constructed from solid 7.2 mm soft core high-density color lead sticks and coated with a special lacquer sheath. With 24 rich & vibrant colors to choose from you'll find exactly what you're looking for your next masterpiece. Set includes red, yellow green, yellow, light blue, ultramarine, brick red, green, tawny, white, vermilion, black, light green, violet, magenta, flesh pink, dark grey, peach, tea, chrome yellow, blue, brown, carmine, purple and orange colors. Pencils are pre-sharpened and can be sharpened with any type of pencils sharpener. They also are non-toxic and water-resistant.

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