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12x18" Quilting Kit (Set of 4)



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  • Includes: (1) 45mm Rotary Cutter (3) 45mm Rotary Blades (1) 2.5"X18" Acrylic Ruler and (1) 12X18" Self Healing Cutting Mat
  • 45mm rotary cutter features an ergonomic soft grip handle for comfort, blade guard with safety lock feature. Ambidextrous - Blade visible with right & left hand
  • Easily slash through 4 layers like a samurai with 45mm authentic Japanese steel blades
  • 2.5X18" Patchwork acrylic ruler is Non slip for stable and safe cutting - Patented double colored grid lines for clarity on light & dark fabrics - 1/2 inch seam allowances
  • 12X18" Self Healing Mat - Double-sided, Anti-glare & Non-slip surface for Easy and Safe use - Triple-layered for Durability - Made from 100% Non-toxic & Odorless TPO & PP

100-percent polypropylene mat can be recycled after it's life-time, for environmentally responsible disposal. Made from 100% PP (polypropylene) so it's completely non-toxic. Contains no cadmium, phthalates or other cancer causing chemicals. WARNING - To prevent damage to the mat's self-healing surface, please follow these instructions: The mat is intended for use exclusively with sharp rotary blades. Dull or dented blades will cause damage to the self-healing surface. Cutting deep and/or at sharp angles may also prevent the mat from restoring to its original state.