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14 Mini Canvases and 15 Detail Paint Brushes

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Arteza 14 Mini Canvases with Easel
  • 3x3” mini-canvas with easel (Set of 14)
  • 5oz unprimed, 8oz primed with acid-free acrylic gesso
  • 100% Cotton, Back glued
  • Pine wood stretcher bars
  • Ideal for use with acrylics, oils, and other painting media
Arteza Detail Paint Brushes
  • Set of 15 includes: liners, rounds, and flats in each size: 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, and 1
  • Tips housed in protective tubes to keep brush shape and ensure longevity
  • Hand-crafted - professional grade white taklon for hair and nickel-plated copper ferrules
  • Feel comfortable to hold in your hand - Well balanced design
  • Ideal for architectural or scale models, or minute details in any media

Arteza Mini Canvases with Easel
Ready for Painting
Each canvas comes primed with 8oz acid-free acrylic titanium gesso, so there is no need to hassle to prepare your canvas; each canvas is ready to go. It’s ready for use with all acrylic paints, oil paints, and other wet or dry media. 
Paint Glides Easily
Broad strokes or fine lines, globs of paint or tiny dabs; each Arteza Stretched Cotton Canvas allows the paint to glide across the canvas easily.
Stretched and Glued
These stretched canvases are back-glued on to pinewood bars that retain the shape of the canvas and create a firm frame. 
Easel Included
Give your works of art a home, a place where they can live and be displayed for all to see. All mini canvases come with individual easels to help display your wonderful creations.
Storage Friendly
Be prepared when inspiration strikes! Each canvas is packaged into a convenient box so they can remain in storage and still stay clean and unblemished until you’re ready to use them
Make a Priceless Gift
There is no better way to show your appreciation for someone than to give them something that you’ve created yourself. Apply paint or oil to the Arteza Mini Cotton Canvas and create the perfect gift that money can’t buy  
Take It With You
The Arteza Mini Cotton Canvas is the perfect choice for practice, studies, art classes, and projects.  

Arteza Detail Paint Brushes
Be the center of attention
Mesmerize your audience by creating realistic art with Arteza Detail Paint Brushes. This set contains 15 different sizes and shapes that can be used for any type of detail, especially the minuscule ones. This Arteza brush set features liners, rounds, and flats of 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0 & 1 sizes.
Set of 15:
Liner: 4/0
Liner: 3/0
Liner: 2/0
Liner: 0
Liner: 1
Round: 4/0
Round: 3/0
Round: 2/0
Round: 0
Round: 1
Flat: 4/0
Flat: 3/0
Flat: 2/0
Flat: 0
Flat: 1
Allergen-Free and Animal-Friendly
The brushes are hand-made with Taklon hair, which is allergen-free and is animal-friendly.
Constructed From Quality Materials
Made with professional grade white taklon hair and nickel-plated copper ferrules. These brushes are ideal for creating details to make your masterpieces a reality.
Details that will make your work come alive
Bring your work to life when using these brushes to create beautiful and intricate details. Perfect for giving dolls realistic facial features, creating beautiful meticulous nail art, or adding intricate details to paintings.