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Acrylic Painter's Deluxe Bundle



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  • The Perfect Set - 60 Acrylic Colors in 22 ml tubes and 56 Cotton Canvas Panels, 4 packs of 14 measuring 5x7”, 8x10”, 9x12”, and 11x14”
  • Pre-Primed - Every 100% cotton canvas panel is primed with an acid-free titanium acrylic gesso
  • Pigment Packed - Each tube of paint is brimming with rich, vivid color that withstands the test of time
  • High Viscosity - A little goes a long way with this paint that offers maximum coverage with every stroke

Are you in the mood to do a lot of painting? ARTEZA has you covered with our bundle of acrylic paints and bulk canvas panels! With 56 panels and 60 acrylic colors, you can create an abundance of masterpieces.

We took the hard part out of painting by priming every single one of the 100% cotton canvas panels for you--now all that’s left to do is paint! We used an acid-free, animal friendly titanium acrylic gesso that fills all of the spaces between the cotton fibers to create an impressively smooth surface for your paints. The canvas has been glued to an acid-free, recycled core board, making these panels eco-friendly. Their 100% cotton, acid-free nature makes these canvas panels the perfect archival surface for your paints--they’ll withstand the test of time with no deterioration as a result of the aging process. What’s more, are you finding that you’re not quite ready to use all of the panels? Not a problem! Each comes individually plastic wrapped for easy storage.

Within the 60 Acrylic Paints, experience colors ranging from: Titanium White to Lemon Yellow, Vermillion Red to Phthalo Blue, Emerald Green to Raw Umber, Silver to Mars Black, with many more! You’ll find detailed pigment information on every individual tube, as well as the transparency and lightfast ratings so you can be highly informed about the properties of the paint you’re using. These acrylic colors all have a supremely high lightfast rating so their dense, opaque color will look stunning for years to come.

These thick paints bear a high viscosity that allows for supreme coverage on your chosen canvas. A little paint goes a long way--just a drop and you’ll experience color that spreads densely over a wide range of canvas. This will make for long-lasting paint that will cover all 14 of your canvases, and perhaps even more when the time comes!

ARTEZA’s Acrylic Paints proudly bear the AP Seal of Certification, meaning that they’re certified non-toxic. They’ve undergone rigorous testing by a toxicologist and a medical expert to determine that there is nothing harmful or injurious. As such, these paints are safe to use in art for all. Grab this bundle today and keep creating!