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Black Drawing Bundle



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  • The Drawing Kit You Need - This fun and colorful bundle includes a set of 72 Professional Colored Pencils, along with a 2 Pack of 9x12" Premium Black Sketch Pads.
  • 72 Rich & Vibrant Colors - Experience 72 highly pigmented Colored Pencils that are made with dense, break-resistant cores that deliver maximum coverage on your paper. See how easily these pencils blend, mix and layer as you develop your next creation.
  • 9x12" Black Sketch Pads - Watch your illustrations stand out on these thick, acid-free sheets that are the perfect foundation for your dry media. Ready to display your work? Easily detach the micro-perforated edges while leaving your art intact.
  • Create on the Go - Whether you’re creating in the studio or sketching while sitting under a tree outside, you’ll find that these pencils are conveniently portable, as they come in a durable, protective metal case.