Water Brush Pens - Set of 6

Water Brush Pens - Set of 6

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Water Brush Pens - Set of 6

Water Brush Pens - Set of 6



  • Assorted Tips - Includes 3 fine-tip and 3 broad-tip water brush pens that hold their shape and produce versatile strokes
  • Precise Water Flow - Innovative rubber push-button grip provides maximum comfort and water flow control
  • Portable - Easily portable and self-moistening for use with all water-based media
  • Versatile - With a large capacity barrel, these water brush pens are perfect for watercolor designs, calligraphy, hand-lettering, and face painting


Our premium set of 6 Water Brush Pens features an assortment of nylon brush tip sizes, offering artists every brush they need to create stunning masterpieces. This premium set of water brush pens comes complete with 3 fine-tip and 3 broad-tip water brush pens, that hold their shape and produce versatile strokes. Our versatile water brush pens are ideal for watercolor designs, gouache paintings, calligraphy, hand-lettering, and even face painting. Such versatile brushes are typically hard to come by for such an affordable rate.  


The easy-to-squeeze design makes getting the exact amount of water with your water brush pens possible every time. The innovative rubber push-button grip featured on each water brush pen in this set of 6 provides maximum comfort and precise water flow control. Our water brush pens are incredibly portable and make creating works of art on the go hassle and mess-free. These self-moistening, water brush pens with nylon brush tips can be used for all water-based media. Whether you prefer to work with ink, gouache, watercolor, or even face/body paint, this set of 6 water brush pens can do it all; see for yourself by ordering yours today.


Our Water Brush Pens deliver the exact amount of water every time, to ensure your paintings don’t get ruined by a reckless paint brush. Far too often, painters tend to stray away from water brush pens after one bad experience, we encourage painters to give our water brush pens a chance as we can assure they deliver the desired water amount every time. Our Water Brush Pens are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose by upgrading to this set of six. See for yourself how phenomenal it can be to work with our portable and well-crafted Water Brush Pens by ordering your set today.

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