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Watercolor Paint, Half-Pans - Single Color (more colors available)


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  • Keep Your Collection Stocked - Get more of your favorite watercolors whenever you run out 
  • Wide Variety of Vibrant Colors - Choose from 36 unique colors that can be mixed and matched to create new shades
  • Reactivate with Water - Just add water and you’ll be ready to create beautiful artwork
  • Safe & Non-Toxic - Each half-pan filled with watercolor paint that is AP Certified non-toxic

Always have your favorite colors nearby with these 2-packs of Premium Watercolor Half-Pans. It can be so sad when you finally hit the bottom of the pan of your favorite paints, but we have you covered. Use these half-pans to restock or build up your watercolor collection. You can pop the pan right back into your metal palette or you can add these to the custom palette you’re building. These vibrant paints are packed with pigment and can help you add stunning washes of color to your artwork. Once you build a palette of the colors you use most, you’ll love bringing your paints everywhere with you. 


When you’re ready to start painting, just add a touch of water to activate the paint and you’ll be ready to create. Half-pans are so convenient because you can use refillable water brushes to activate the colors. This eliminates the need for water cups which allows you to make art wherever you find inspiration. You can choose from 36 unique colors and you’ll get two pans, which means you’ll always have a backup.


Refill your watercolor palette with our Watercolor Premium Artist Paints! There’s no need to buy an entirely new watercolor half-pan once you’ve run out of your go-to colors, simply select the colors you need with this open stock of Watercolor Premium Artist Paints. Replenish your watercolor paint set, or try out our watercolors for the first time!