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Real Brush Pens - Set of 48

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  • Water-Based Ink - This unique ink is perfect for watercolor techniques, giving you precision control without the mess of normal watercolors
  • Versatile - This set of unique colors can be used for a variety of artistic ventures, such as sketching, calligraphy, drawing, and watercolor painting
  • Flexible Nylon Brush Tip - From small, calligraphy-like strokes to broader strokes that get more surface area, the tips of these pens can do it all
  • Non-Toxic - This safe, water-based ink conforms to ASTM regulations, and can be used by both adults and children
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If your product does not perform to your expectations, simply request a refund or replacement

    Enjoy rich, vibrant color with ARTEZA’s set of 48 Real Brush Pens. The water-based ink is perfect for creating eye-grabbing watercolor designs. Included with this set is a Water Brush Pen to increase the amount of coverage on your canvas. These pens require slow, short strokes to lay lots of ink on the page. Use quicker strokes to lay light colors for spreading with water. For best results, use on watercolor paper.

    Use With Water:

    Lay your color in a line along the edge you wish to be the darkest color. Layer more ink over this line or lay several lines next to each other for more saturated color. Fill the included water brush pen, and brush it over the ink. The water will pull the color across the page in a natural gradient just like watercolor paints!

    Use Without Water:

    Pick two to three colors you wish to blend together - Shadow, Highlight, and Main Color. Starting with the darkest color, draw lines along the most shaded areas of your piece. Use your Highlight color to add in marks where highlights should be. Finally, take the main color, and color over the highlights and shadows to blend all three together.

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