Arteza’s Best Art Supplies

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All of us have the power to create, and we want to provide the tools and art supplies to fuel your self-expression.
Arteza’s Best Art Supplies

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The Best Art Supplies Chosen by Arteza’s Customers

Ever wondered what the best art supplies are at Arteza? We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular and best-rated art supplies available here. We always want the best for every artist who uses our supplies so hearing what you all have to say is incredibly important to us. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us and also inspiring us with your magnificent creations. Now, without further ado, here are the best art supplies you can find at Arteza. 

Arteza’s Top-Rated Art Supplies

brush pens

1. Real Brush Pens

It’s no mystery that Arteza Real Brush Pens are beloved by artists all over the world. These incredibly unique pens are like a hybrid of a paintbrush and a marker. Their vibrant colors and ability to be transformed into translucent watercolor washes make them some of the most popular markers at Arteza. 

everblend art markers

2. EverBlend Art Markers

Another huge fan-favorite and one of our most purchased items are EverBlend Art markers. Why do artists and crafters love them? They’re incredibly vibrant, have replaceable dual tips and feature a comfortable ergonomic shape. Many artists like using these markers for designing, illustrating and creating hyper-realistic art.

acrylic paint

3. Acrylic Premium Artist Paint in Tubes

Artists have told us that they love the high-viscosity and rich, smooth consistency of Arteza’s acrylic paints. Whether you paint traditionally or use impasto techniques, this paint is capable of creating the details, gradients, and textures you want. These water-based paints are lightfast and dry to a glossy finish that’s resistant to cracking and chipping. 

Image short description

4. Metallic Watercolor Paint in Half Pans 

Why not boost your artwork with some shine by using metallic watercolor paint? These premium watercolors are infused with shimmering pigments for a lustrous finish. They also come in a travel-ready metal tin making them the perfect paint for on-the-go. 

Image short description

5. Gouache Premium Artist Paint

Whether they’re making fine art or fun crafts, our customers agree that our gouache paint is the key to getting the results they want. We’ve developed these highly-pigmented paints to allow you to produce beautiful glazing and layering as well as smooth opaque coverage. 

fineliner pens

6. Inkonic Fineliner Pens

When our artists want pens that come in a wide range of shades with over-the-top brilliance that won’t smudge or smear, they choose Inkonic pens. Their triangular barrel makes getting precise lines easy for both right and left-handed artists. Each set comes in its own storage case to keep them organized and easy to access!

acrylic markers

7. Acrylic Markers

DIYers and fine artists can’t get enough of our acrylic markers. Not only do they love how they can use them on paper, glass, cardboard, wood, porcelain, metal, textiles, and plastic, but they especially appreciate that they’re quick drying and low odor. The set also comes with replaceable tips so you can keep using your markers until the ink runs out.

Mica powder

8. Mica Powder

If you’ve never used mica powder, you’re in for a thrill. We’ve seen our customers use these dazzling powders to enhance everything from nail polish, slime, and polymer clay to resin, candles, and pouring acrylics. This set of cosmetic-grade powders even come with their own little measuring spoon.

Image short description

9. Polymer Clay, Set of 42

Who would have thought that making your own jewelry or figurines could be this easy? This polymer clay set gets five stars because it includes everything you need to start and then some! Each set includes sculpting tools, jewelry findings for earrings and necklaces, and the most awesome array of colored baking clay you’ve ever seen. Just shape and bake!

watercolor pencils

10. Professional Watercolor Pencils

The colored pencil just got better! With a dab of water, you can turn your watercolor drawings into paintings. Our watercolor pencils are a proven winner again and again. Illustrators and sketchers love them for their eye-catching colors, their durable, break-resistant core, and all the watercolor effects they can get with them. If you want to sketch and paint on-the-go, just bring your tin of pencils, a watercolor brush and a sketchbook and you’re good to go!

There you have it. Now you don’t have to wonder what the top picks at Arteza are anymore. You now have a ready-made list of products for reference when you’re ready to try something new or need to replenish your collection. Everything we create at Arteza is made specifically for our amazing community of artists. We love hearing about your favorite products and what you hope to see in the future. Please leave us a comment in the section below and share what are your favorite Arteza supplies!

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