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Kids Activity Sets

Supply the children in your life with all the creative sets they need to make the most of their playtime. Arteza’s Kids Activity Sets make a wonderful addition to any child’s collection, regardless of their creative background and skill set. A wide selection of our Kids Activity Sets are geared towards learning the creative way, to make education as fun and colorful as possible. The other portion of our Kids Activity Sets are centered around crafting and creating. Regardless of which sets you choose for your kids, they’re guaranteed to have a blast! This collection features Kids String Art Sets, Kids Paint by Numbers Kits, Kids Clay Stage Kits, Kids Felt Craft Kits, Kids Learn to Sew Kits, Kids Coloring Activity Book Sets, Kids Puzzle, Kids Sandy Clay Keepsakes Kits, and more! Set your little ones up for creative success by supplying them with any of Arteza’s well-crafted kids arts and crafts sets.

What are the different variations of Kids Activity Sets featured?

Kids Paint Your Own Ceramics (for children ages 6 and up) invite young artists to paint their own piggy banks. These sets includes all the supplies needed to bring the included ceramic banks to life! Our Kids Paint Your Own Ceramics comes in Frog Bank, Pineapple Bank, and of course Piggy Bank. Children who like to paint will also love our Kids Paint by Numbers Kit which comes in Unicorn and Frog, Sea Life, Mixed Designs (watermelon and flower), Superheroes, and Animals themed sets. 

Young creatives who prefer to work with kids dough will be thrilled to add any of the following featured sets to their collection: Kids Dough Kit (available in Ocean, Transportation, Dinosaurs, Alphabet, and Numeric), Kids Dough Learn Kit (available in Alphabet or Numeric), and our Kids Clay Stage Kits—which comes in Sea Life, Safari, Car Garage, Dream Career, Superheroes, Magical Creatures, Dinosaurs, and Winter Wonderland. Other really hands-on arts and crafts sets for kids include our Kids Sandy Clay Sand Castle 4-Pack, Kids Felt Craft Kit, Kids Sandy Clay Sand Castle 6-Pack, Kids Fuse Beads Kit, and our Kids Dough Set of 12

Arteza’s Kids Activity Books are ideal for artists looking to color and learn. Our Kids 3D Puzzle Kits invite young creatives to fold, color, decorate, and proudly display their own puzzle; see our Kids 3D Puzzle Kit in Decorative House Craft, Giraffe Photo Frame and Owl Pen Holder, and Playable Alligator. Young puzzle-lovers will also be thrilled to add our Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Sets to their collection—available in Sea Life, Dinosaurs, Safari, Magical Creatures, and Careers

Teach young children their ABCs and 123s with our Kids Magnetic Letters and Numbers Set, Kids Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes Activity Book Set, and our Kids Dough Alphabet Learn Kit. If you’re looking for a mess-free arts and crafts set for your little ones, look no further than our Kids String Art Sets; these unique kits invite kids to create colorful pictures with string and plastic push pins (all supplies needed come included). 

Add more variety to your child’s arts and crafts supplies collection!