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Add more dimension and sparkle to your life with glitter! Artists, crafters, DIYers, and creatives are invited to add more pizazz to their work with Arteza’s glitters. With chunky glitter, fine glitter, holographic glitter, and glitter acrylic paint, the creative opportunities are endless. Glitter is perfect for adding a focal point in your work, or embellishing a certain aspect of your pieces. Regardless of your preferred medium, there’s always a way to add more sparkle! Crafters and DIYers will love working with our Gold and Silver Glitter Paper Sheets Set of 24 and our Black and White Glitter Paper Sheets Set of 24. Decorate everything from holiday decorations to art pieces to crafts with Arteza’s glitter! 


What is fine glitter used for? Fine glitter can be used for just about anything! As you’re likely aware, the only negative to working with fine glitter is that it can be a little difficult to clean up at times; however it is so worth the mess once you finish your dazzling craft pieces, mixed media pieces, and DIY projects. You’re invited to decorate everything from fabrics to felt sheets to wood slices to canvas paintings with the glitter included in our Fine Glitter Sets


Which glitter set is best for me? That all depends on your intended use and preferred colors. We offer an Ocean Colors Fine Glitter Set of 6 which is perfect for anyone searching for blues and silver-toned glitter. Whereas our Metallic Fine Glitter Colors Set of 6 includes reds, golds, and silver colored glitter, ideal for everything from creating holiday decorations to adding highlights on your character’s jewelry. For more lively colors, invest in our budget-friendly Neon and Bright Colors Fine Glitter Set of 12. Additionally our Jewel Tones Chunky Glitter Set of 6, Red, Gold, Silver, and Graphite Fine Glitter Set of 4, and Chunky Glitter Set of 6 make universally awesome glitter sets for any and everyone! 


What is Glitter Acrylic Paint? Our Glitter Acrylic Paint combines two of your favorite arts and crafts supplies in one! Glitter acrylic paint is suitable for anyone looking to create truly eye-catching works of art. The 14 colors included in our Glitter Acrylic Paint Set appear remarkably different on white vs. black surfaces/backgrounds, making this set of 14 more like a set of 28! Our Glitter Acrylic Paint features a transparent base, so you can work with traditional acrylic paints first then add a dazzling top coat when you’re ready!


Invite your artwork and craft pieces to truly sparkle by investing in glitter art sets!