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Side Opening Pouch


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Travel Cases

Ensure your art supplies stay safe and protected while you travel, or while in storage by investing in dependable travel cases. Regardless of your skill set or preferred medium, you need a reliable home for your art supplies. Whether you create on the go, or keep your supplies at home at all times, the longevity of your supplies is largely impacted by how you store them. Find the perfect home for your supplies through this selection of travel cases! 



If you work with markers and/or pens frequently, you’ll make great use of our Real Brush Pens Travel Set, Marker Pen Organizer Case with 108 Slots, Marker Case with 144 Slots, Marker Case with 72 Slots, or our Black Open Top Pouch Pencil Case. For artists who work with watercolor pencils, drawing pencils, and #2HB pencils, we recommend our Paint Splatter Pattern Pencil Case, Black and White Pattern Pencil Case, or our Black or Purple Side Opening Pouch Pencil Case



What are the different types of travel cases?


64 Slot Pencil Cases—available in Black and White Pattern or Paint Splatter Pattern

Open Top Pouch Pencil Cases—available in Black or Blue

Side Opening Pouch Pencil Cases—available in Purple or Black

Marker Case—available in 72 Slots, 108 Slots, and 144 Slots

Soft Portfolio—available in 20 in x 26 in and 24 in x 36 in

Mini Storage Caddy—stackable design and includes three compartments 


What can I use to store my artwork? Safely store your drawings, paintings, mixed media pieces, and loose papers in a Soft Portfolio. Soft portfolios make traveling with your artworks stress-free, thanks to their dependable design and portable nature. Our Black Soft Portfolios are made of a water-resistant material, designed specially to protect your work from water damage. You’ll be able to travel comfortably with your work thanks to the heavy duty zippers, easy-grip handle, and adjustable shoulder straps included in our must-have soft portfolio. Arteza’s Soft Portfolio comes in  in 20 in x 26 in and 24 in x 36 in



What can I use a mini storage caddy for? You can use a mini storage caddy for just about anything, including art supplies! Our versatile Mini Storage Caddy makes the ideal home for paint brushes, watercolor pencils, drawing pencils, pens, mechanical pencils, paint markers, scissors, erasers, paint tubes, permanent markers, sculpting tools, palette knives, rotary cutters and replacement blades, highlighters, and water brush pens. Store all of your go-to supplies in a mini storage caddy! Alternatively, use your mini storage caddy to store anything from toiletries to kitchen supplies to skincare and makeup. 



Store your art supplies in the appropriate travel cases to ensure they stay protected.