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Tape & Adhesives

Stick to it with high-quality tape and adhesives. These sticky materials are the backbone of so many art projects. Many can be used on a wide variety of materials but having the correct adhesive for the job is critical. School glue, mounting tape, and other office and craft adhesives have different purposes so you’ll want to find the best one for your project. Whatever you need to construct and secure the art project in mind, we have the adhesive and tape needed, the tools to use them, and refills to keep you stocked and ready to create. Browse through our selection today and grab what you need!


How do I know which tape or adhesive is best? Each product is created for a different purpose and to be applied to different materials. Determine the amount of stick you require, the type of products you are using the tape with, and what materials it needs to bind together. For example, if you’re putting glitter on something, you may want to reach for our school glue. All of our products come with instructions on how to get the best adhesion so you’ll know what will work best for your project.


What is transfer tape used for? This is super helpful if you’re working with vinyl crafts. They help you transfer your weeded designs from off of the backing paper onto the surface you want. Our transfer tape also features a grid so you can align your decals properly with your items to ensure that everything looks perfect.


How often should I order tape refills? One of the best ways to ensure you never run out of tape or adhesive that you need is to order refills when you place your initial order. Most artists and creators, keep a steady supply of tape on hand because they use it continuously, ordering refills every two to three months. The regularity in which you purchase will depend greatly on how much product you use, so track usage of that first order.


Every adhesive we create is made with the best materials and designed with artists and their work in mind. Whether you’re simply sticking things up in your office or making an elaborate craft project, we have an adhesive that will work for your project. As an artist, you will definitely find yourself pleased with the variety and quality of tape and adhesive that we offer. Hang up your finished canvas panels with the mounting tape or use the transfer paper with your freshly cut design. You’ll always be able to find the right tool to stick your materials together at Arteza. Shop today and grab what you need for your next art project!