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Calligraphy & Lettering

Rediscover the satisfaction of hand writing your own letters, invites, designs, and more with our Calligraphy and Lettering Supplies. Handwritten items are not only unique, but bound to be a cherished item for any recipient. In today's digital age, its always a great opportunity to relearn the art of writing, or even introduce yourself to this art form for the first time!  By starting this hobby, you can even improve your technique in other forms of art you create! Since calligraphy and lettering focuses on repetition and perfecting the correct strokes to form a letter; practicing your craft when you can will also help you achieve a steadier hand in general. You’ll be amazed at how straightforward writing beautiful letters can be, and impressed with how your future linework becomes even easier! 

What is the difference between lettering and calligraphy?


Although similar, these forms of writing do have their differences. Calligraphy has been used for centuries across the world, and was historically used for important documents, texts, poetry, and more. Many of these traditional styles are still used today! As for tools needed, it depends on the style of calligraphy, but many artists use traditional dip pens with specific nibs, and the ink of their choice.  Modern calligraphy however, can deviate away from these traditional methods if they so desire. Often modern calligraphers will mix modern elements with traditional ones.This means materials like our EverBlend Art Markers, Felt Brush Pens, Inkonic Pens, and more can be used to create your own unique modern calligraphy. 

As for lettering, the distinction is that this art form is more illustration focused. Think of the decorated chalkboard at your local cafe, digital art, or even certain greeting cards. If you are spending more time drawing your letters, then it is considered lettering. Another distinction is how strokes are created. Often with calligraphy, the letter is composed of a series of strokes that are thicker or thinner depending on pressure. Besides flourishes, no other elements are typically added. When lettering, the initial strokes can be similar, but then the artist can go in and add shadows, textures, and layers. Additionally, when creating a phrase, many artists switch between various styles and sizes in the same work of art (which is not typical of traditional calligraphy.) 

Can I use both styles in my artwork?

Of course! Part of the fun of calligraphy and lettering is discovering your own unique artistry. Many of our suggested products can be used for both modern calligraphy and brush lettering, so you really have the chance to discover your preferences. 

Are the tools you’d use for lettering and modern calligraphy similar? 

Yes! When it comes to supplies, any of our art markers that feature a brush tip makes them great for both illustrative lettering, and modern calligraphy. Using a brush tip will offer you the flexibility of creating thinner or thicker strokes based on pressure. Additionally, if you use a dual-tipped art marker, you have the best of both worlds and can use the other brush for outlines, fine lines, and more. Here are some of the products we recommend! 

12 Piece Beginner Hand Lettering Set

EverBlend H20 Dual Tip Pen Set of 12, Earth Tones

EverBlend H20 Dual Tip Pen Set of 12, Muted Vintage

EverBlend H20 Dual Tip Pen Set of 12, Pastels

EverBlend H20 Dual Tip Pen Set of 24, Brights & Neons

EverBlend Ultra Markers (set of 36 Gray Tones, Chisel Tip + Fine Tip)

Sketch TwiMarkers™, Fine & Brush Dual-Tip - Set of 48

Set of 24pcs, Basic colors, Felt Brush tip

Set of 24pcs, Colors of the Seasons, Felt Brush tip

Set of 24pcs, LandScape colors, Felt Brush tip

Set of 12pcs, Pastels colors, Brush tip, Dye-based ink

What supplies do you recommend for traditional calligraphy?

Many of our products are best for modern calligraphy or brush lettering, as most traditional calligraphy uses a dip pen and nib. If you want to explore and experiment with creating modern styles like a pointed pen or brush pen script with a different tool, we suggest the following. 

Calligraphy Pen, Assorted Colors, Flat Chisel Nib - Set of 12

Calligraphy Pen, Black Pigment Ink, Flat Chisel Nib - Set of 6

Micro-Line Pen, 0.1 Assorted Japanese Ink- Set of 12

Liquid Micro-Line Pen, Black Japanese Ink, Assorted Nibs - Set of 9

Felt Brush Pens, Vibrant Colors - Set of 12

Felt Brush Pens, Black - Set of 12