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Canvas & Surfaces

Create everything from arts and craft pieces to fine art on any of our canvases and surfaces. We carry canvas panels, wood slices, stretched canvases, canvas pads, DIY Foldable Canvas Frames, and even Rustic Chalkboards, making the creative opportunities endless. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your class, your friends, or your family members, you’re sure to find the ideal creative surfaces for any and all upcoming projects when you’re shopping at Arteza! Explore a new artistic surface or restock your current collection with all of your favorite canvases.



Which media is best for canvas and wood surfaces? You’re welcome to create with acrylic paints, oil paints, acrylic pouring paints, paint markers, permanent markers, and drawing pencils on our wood slices and pre-primed canvas panels and stretched canvases. If you’re more of a crafter, you’ll find our canvases and wood surfaces work well with hot glue, school glue, felt sheets and glitter—inviting artists to add more texture and dimension to their works. The creative possibilities are only as limited as your imagination when you’re working with our well-crafted canvases and surfaces! 



What can I use wood surfaces for? Our natural pine wood with bark Wood Slices and our natural birch wood Wood Panels can be used for nearly any creative project imaginable. Artists are welcome to transform their wood surfaces with paints and other drawing supplies, in addition to wood burning. Arteza’s Wood Burning Tool and Tips Kit provides creatives with the perfect wood burning tool to get started with! Whether you intend to paint, decorate, or create wood burnings, our Wood Slices Sets and Wood Panel Packs have got you covered! Our Wood Slices are available in (Mixed) Set of 45, Medium Set of 25, and Large Set of 8



What are the differences between stretched canvas and canvas panels? While both styles of canvases provide artists with a reliable surface for paintings and mixed media pieces, there are slight differences. Stretched canvases are likely the surface you think of when you imagine a traditional canvas. Our stretched canvases are made of 100% cotton canvas (which is pre-primed), and pine wood stretcher bars for support. The benefit to stretched canvases is that they can easily be hung on a wall, thanks to their stretcher bars. Restock your current collection with our 16 in x 20 in Classic Stretched Canvas Pack of 6, Multiple Sizes Classic Stretched Canvas Set of 10, 8 in x 10 in Premium Stretched Canvas Pack of 12, our 12 in x 12 in Black Stretched Canvas Pack of 8, or any of our other stretched canvas sets!



Canvas panels are ideal for artists that prefer canvases that are portable and take up less storage space. Our premium canvas panels are also pre-primed with titanium acrylic gesso and their board offers support while creating. Canvas panels are perfect for college students, art students, traveling artists, and crafters, or anyone who prefers a more portable canvas surface. Paint markers are optimal for canvas panel surfaces! Stock up with our Rectangular Canvas Panels Pack of 28, 9 in x 12 in Premium Canvas Pack of 14, Classic Square Canvas Panels Set of 28, 8 in x 10 in Canvas Panels Pack of 14, or our 6 in x 6 in Classic Canvas Panels Pack of 28



Supply yourself with all of the canvases and creative surfaces you need to create limitlessly!