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DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Acrylic, 9.5" x 9.5" - 20 Sheets

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  • Versatile & Easy-to-Use - Simply use the folding lines as a guide to create a ready-to-hang piece, or use the opposite side as a frame to display your photos
  • Heavyweight & Bleed-Proof - With 220 lb (360 gsm) wood pulp sheets, you won’t need to worry about your medium compromising the durability of your surface
  • Acid-Free Paper - You can be confident that your acrylic paintings and designs will remain vibrant over time without yellowing
  • Sizing - 24.2cm x 24.2cm folded, 34.4cm x 38cm unfolded, ideal for acrylic painting
  • Glue-Bound - Once you’re ready to make a new piece, simply tear off the perforated sheet from the pad and start creating

Discover a fun way to display your photos or artwork with these incredibly versatile DIY Foldable Acrylic Canvas Frame. Paint on the back and use it as a little paper surface or flip it around and paint the frame to display photos. You can even paint your piece directly inside the paper frame so that you won’t need to frame it later. The paper itself is 220 lbs and acid-free, making it sturdy enough to be painted on without warping or fading.  


You can paint on the surface while it’s flat or when folded - it can be adapted to whatever will suit your project best. Each frame is sturdy when folded and has easy-to-tear sides for when you’re ready to frame your masterpiece. Every sheet comes as a flat surface and is in a glue-bound pad, making it easy to store and transport before becoming frames. Use these as party favors or frame your photos in your dorm. Whether you’re working on a DIY project or creating a piece to display - these are the perfect pads for the task.


Go from painting to displaying in just moments with this DIY Foldable Acrylic Canvas Frame Pad. This 20-sheet paper pad invites artists to create up to 20 framed paintings effortlessly. Save yourself the extra time, money, energy, and exposure associated with visiting a framer by upgrading to our DIY Foldable Acrylic Canvas Frame Pad today!