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Create truly remarkable paintings with our premium oil paints! Our Oil Premium Artist Paints will soon become your absolute favorite set of oil-based paints. The highly pigmented formula of our oil paints makes them an absolute delight to work with. Create vibrant oil paintings that feature impressive texture with our professional-grade oil-based paints. Unlike many oil paints on the market, you don’t need an additional medium to mix with your oil paints, our formula comes ready to go to save you the extra time, cost, and hassle. Make painting with oil paints more enjoyable, simply by upgrading to our Oil Premium Artist Paints.


Which surface is most suitable for oil-based paints? The best surface for oil paints is canvas. We offer a wide variety of stretched canvases and canvas panels. Stretched canvases require no additional framing to be proudly displayed, thanks to their sturdy pinewood stretcher bars. Canvas panels, on the other hand, are compact, making them ideal for anyone short on storage space. Additionally, canvas panels can be easily framed to be showcased, or you can prop them up against a flat surface, or with an easel — our Oil Painter’s Bundle includes miniature stretched canvases, oil paints, and easels. Another super portable painting surface for oils is our 9” x 12” Canvas Pads


What are oil-based markers? Arteza’s Oil-Based Paint Markers make a great alternative to traditional oil paints, especially for anyone who is looking to create while on the go. Our Oil-Based Paint Markers feature oil paint that disperses from a marker barrel, making oil painting even more approachable! Oil painting markers can also be used along-side traditional oil paints, to help artists confidently add outlines, shadows, highlights, and even text into their oil paintings and mixed media masterpieces. Our Oil-Based Paint Markers are available in pastel, classic colors, metallic silver and gold, black, white, and assorted colors  sets


How can I become a better oil painter? The best way to become a stronger painter is to paint! Commit to painting on a regular basis, whether this looks like once a day, once a week, or once a month; schedule time to paint and stick with it! You’re sure to see growth in no time, so long as you stay with it. Treat yourself to some new painting supplies to ensure you have everything you need to reach your artistic goals! We can’t wait to see what you paint, be sure to share with us on social media, or in the customer review section of our Oil Premium Artist Paints


Become the painter you always knew you could be, using our rich and vivid oil paint!