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Drawing & Sketching Supplies

Start your greatest creations with drawing and sketching supplies. Practice is super important for all artists and starting off with some quality drawing supplies is crucial. Whether your style is to work completely with graphite pencil and sketching supplies or you’re just working on your understanding of figures and values in your sketchbook, these are some of the best supplies to start out with as an artist. We have sets of pencils with every hardness of lead you need to create smooth transitions in your hyper-realistic artwork. You can also find the accessories and tools you need like kneaded and plastic erasers and 3 different sizes of paper blenders so you can blend away harsh lines. Start your next amazing piece of artwork with an amazing sketch and grab some drawing supplies today. 


What supplies do you need for sketching? You’ll want a set of pencils with a variety of lead hardnesses so that you’ll be able to create different values in your artwork. Another good tool to have is a kneaded eraser or plastic eraser to help you correct any mistakes or lift graphite in certain areas. You may also want some paper blending stumps so you can create soft blended areas in your artwork. 


Which type of pencil is best for sketching? This really depends on what you’re looking to draw and the type of sketching you’re trying to do. Harder pencils like H-2HB pencils tend to be good for initial sketches if you want to apply another medium later. Softer lead pencils like 4B-6B could be used to create stylized drawings, but typically pencils of different hardnesses will be used together to create a range of values. 


Which paper is best for sketching? The paper should be at least 50-60 lb and also have a smooth surface. You can also find paper with a light tooth which will add a nice texture to your piece and will allow your paper to hold on to your graphite.


While you’re learning to draw, having a quality set of sketching supplies is a good place to start. You want to make sure you have a good set of pencils with a good range of hardnesses and some erasers so you’ll be prepared for anything you want to draw. You can also find a wide range of quality sketchbooks so you can sketch your best concepts and practice your technique. Drawing and sketching are some of the fundamental skills to learn when you’re looking to begin creating and we have all the supplies to help you get started. Get yourself the perfect set of sketching supplies and start creating amazing artwork today!