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Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are an incredibly versatile medium, suitable for all artists, regardless of their age, background, and skill set. Colored pencils can be used alone to create truly remarkable works of art. Many artists use colored pencils alongside alcohol-based markers, to create vibrant drawings with rich colors. Whether you intend to work with or without markers, our pigment-packed Colored Pencils will assist you in reaching new creative heights. Just imagine all that you can create, color, and sketch with a set of our finely-crafted Colored Pencils. Add more color and range into your art supplies collection, start by ordering a set of Arteza Colored Pencils!


Do professional artists use colored pencils? Yes! Artists like Lucien Freud and Edgar Degas were known for working with colored pencils. Colored pencils are one of the most versatile drawing tools, inviting beginners to professional artists to create with truly vibrant colors. Our Expert Colored Pencils and Professional Colored Pencils make a wonderful addition to any serious artist’s collection. Beginners and intermediate artists will make great use of our Triangle Shaped Colored Pencils Set of 48. Children are recommended to use our Kids Colored Pencils Set of 48


Does Arteza carry any colored pencil artist bundles? 


Which paper is best for colored pencils? We recommend working on sketchbook paper, dry media paper, or mixed media paper with colored pencils. We carry a wide selection of paper pads and mixed media sketchbooks that feature completely acid-free paper, perfect for colored pencils! Acid-free paper is ideal because it deters discoloration and fading from accumulating over time, so your artwork’s vibrancy lasts. All of our coloring books feature paper suitable for dry or mixed media, meaning our Colored Pencils are suitable for all of the coloring pages we offer. If you’re looking to create drawings that can be framed in just moments with no additional supplies needed, invest in our DIY Foldable Black Sketch Canvas Frame Pad, DIY Mixed Media Foldable Canvas Frame, or our DIY Frame Coloring Book Ocean Foldable Canvas Pad!


Elevate your craft by investing in a set of our Colored Pencils!