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Kids Painting Supplies

Invite even more color and creativity into your child’s life with Arteza’s kids painting supplies. The children in your life will have an absolute blast creating vibrant paintings with our kids' paint sets. Stock up on all the art supplies for kids you need with our kids paint sets. Arteza’s painting kits for kids invites your child to explore everything from watercolors to tempera paints to finger paints


What are tempera paints? Tempera paints are water-based and clean up with soap and water, making them perfect for your little ones! Our tempera paint formula doesn’t crack or flake over time, to provide your children with impressive results. Additionally, these versatile paints can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including canvas, foam board, cardboard, painting paper, and more. Our tempera paint formula is AP-certified non-toxic and safe for artists ages 3 and up. For children just learning how to paint, our Kids Premium Tempera Paint Sets of 16 are likely a better choice to introduce this medium. However, for more established young painters, we recommend the Kids Premium Tempera Paint Set of 32.


Which watercolor kit is best for my child? If your child has never worked with watercolors, our Kids Watercolor Paint Set of 25 and Kids Watercolor Paint Bundle make great introductory sets. Alternatively, if you want to go a step further and supply your child with everything they need to delve into this medium, our Kids Premium Watercolor Bundle or Kids Ready-to-Paint Watercolor Set is your best bet. These budget-friendly bundles includes our Kids Watercolor Kit and plenty of watercolor painting paper. If your child is already an experienced watercolor painter, we recommend you grab them our Kids Watercolor Kit and Kids Watercolor Pad Set of 2 to restock their current collection. 


Why should I invest in a finger paint set? Finger paints invite children (ages 3 and up) to create with complete freedom. Your little ones will have a world of colors at their fingertips! Our Kids Finger Paints Set of 30 features 30 bright colors for your child to use to create masterpieces. The great thing about finger paints is there’s no need to purchase paint brushes! The only thing you need to grab alongside our Kids Finger Paints Set of 30 is our Kids Finger Paint Paper Pads 2-Pack. 


Encourage creativity from your child by supplying them with our kids paint sets. 

Regardless of the wet media you present your child with, they're sure to create something that can only come from them! Inspire your child to indulge their artistic side with any of our painting kits for kids.