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Why waste countless pieces of paper when instead you can upgrade to our premium Boards! Our Board Collection features everything from letter board sets to whiteboards to blackboards. Additionally, we offer sets that include the markers, erasers, and cleaners you’ll need for your boards. Invest in any of our well-crafted board sets to make brainstorming, study sessions, and game night more enjoyable!


Which whiteboard set is best for me? Whether you’re stocking up your classroom or home we’ve got a dry erase board set suitable for you! We offer three different size variants of our Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Lapboards: 8.5 x 11”, 12 x 14”, and 11 x 14”. Each Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Lapboards Set comes complete with two magnetic dry erase lapboards, eight mounting magnets, eight dry erase markers (in assorted colors), and magnetic erasers. 

The 8.5 x 11” Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Lapboard is most ideal for the car or taking it with you as you travel, since it comes in such a portable size. Alternatively, our 11 x 14” and 12 x 14” Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Lapboard Sets are perfect for keeping at home. Our Dry Erase Lapboards Pack of 16, Dry Erase Lapboards Pack of 32, and Magnetic Eraser Set of 20 are ideal for classroom or residential settings—pair either of these Dry Erase Lapboard Packs with any of our whiteboard marker and cleaner sets. Some of our dry erase marker and cleaner sets include: 

Whiteboard Cleaner Set with 24 Dry Erase Markers

Whiteboard Cleaner Set with 12 Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers

Whiteboard Cleaner Set with 12 Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers


What about blackboards? In addition to our wide selection of dry erase board supplies, we also carry a wide range of blackboard sets, accessories, and supplies. To create a chalkboard surface practically anywhere, check out our Chalkboard Wall Sticker with 8 Assorted Chalk Pieces and our signature A-Frame Magnetic Chalkboard Set. If you’re more in the market for a chalkboard lapboard, our Magnetic Chalkboards Pack of 2 or Magnetic Chalkboard (20 x 30 in) is likely your best bet! Additionally we also carry the following blackboard sets:

Rustic Chalkboards, 9.5 x 12” - Pack of 5

Magnetic Chalkboard Set, 18 x 24”

A-Frame Magnetic Chalkboard, Double-Sided, 40 x 20”

Chalkboard Cleaner Set with 12 Chalk Markers

Chalkboard Cleaner Set with Magic Sponges

Chalkboard Cleaner Set


If you’re looking for more of a decorative board, we highly recommend investing in one of our budget-friendly Letter Boards! Letter boards invite you to charm the guests of your home, business, or workspace with an inspirational quote or memo. Our letter board sets include our Soft Gray Felt Letter Board Set and Soft Blue Felt Letter Board Set. We also carry Letter Board Letters separately, to ensure you have enough letters for every letter board message! Stock up on all the boards you need with this collection of affordable chalkboards, dry erase boards, and letter boards.