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Palette Knives

Every professional painter and serious crafter needs at least one palette knife in their collection. Palette knives provide multiple uses throughout the creative process. Whether you’re mixing your colors, adding texture to a painting, or even scraping off part of your work, you need a reliable and well-crafted collection of palette knives. 


Which Palette Knives Set is best for me? If you don’t already have any palette knives in your collection, or don’t have a full set, we recommend you start with our Palette Knives Set of 8. This all-in-one palette knives set comes complete with blades specifically for detailing, mixing, large fills, and medium planes. Since this set supplies artists with palette knives of various sizes and shapes, you’ll have every knife you need to start painting like a professional.


Which palette knife size is best for mixing paints? If you’re looking strictly to mix your colors, you’re going to want to get a #17 palette knife. Our #17 palette knife is included in our Palette Knives Set of 8 and Palette Knives #7 and #17 Set of 2. Even if you have no intention of painting with your palette knife, it’s essential every painter has at least one palette knife dedicated to thoroughly mixing their paints and pigments. 


What makes Arteza’s palette knives so special? We’ve taken the time to curate premium stainless steel palette knives that feature thin and durable blades and a solid wood handle. Our palette knives feature curved metal blades which can effectively prevent them from losing their shape over time. Additionally, each of our palette knives feature a hang up hole in their handle to make storing them even easier. 


Creative impressive texture and mix your paints like a professional with our stainless steel palette knives. 

Regardless of your age, skill set, and artistic background you deserve a set of high-quality palette knives. Invest in your craft by upgrading to any of our premium palette knives sets!