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Create your next needlework project with Arteza's premium Embroidery Floss! This embroidery floss can be used with a variety of needlework projects, such as cross-stitch, counted thread, embroidery, needlepoint, and more. Whether you want to design a sunset, animal, pumpkin, or intricate pattern, we have plentiful sets of cohesive colors for your next work of art. 

What does mercerized cotton mean?

Each skein of Embroidery Floss is made of 100% premium mercerized cotton. This means an additional process has been added to the cotton, which results in numerous advantages such as; added sheen, more vivid colors, and stronger fabric overall. These benefits mean your finished craft will stand the test of time, and the colors will remain vibrant for years to come. 

What else do you recommend with embroidery floss?

Ensure you have premium hoops and aida cloth with our Bamboo Embroidery Hoop Set, and make sure you have plenty of needles and the proper tools with our Embroidery Accessory Set - 62 Pieces. You’ll be able to create intricate needle crafts in no time with these premium products. 

Design beautiful fabric crafts with our Embroidery Floss!