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Always keep a trusty set of pens by your side. You never know when you’ll need to sign, take note, or sketch something. Whether you’re looking for pens for creating fine art or just need pens to keep your office stocked, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need here. Someone once said the pen is mightier than the sword and they definitely had a point there! Create stunning sketches with the smooth flow of a rollerball pen or practice hand-lettering with a trusty brush pen. Some of the greatest ideas and artwork are started with a pen and paper. Grab a set of pens today and start capturing your brilliant ideas.


What are different pens used for? Each pen can produce a variety of line thicknesses and they can generally write differently from each other. For example, needle-point rollerball pens are going to produce fine and precise lines whereas standard gel pens will typically produce thicker lines. You can even use a brush pen like you would use a paintbrush which means you can create thick and thin lines depending on the pressure you apply to your pen.


Which are the best pens? Depending on the task at hand, you’ll want to find the best pen for that particular project. If you’re looking to add details to a piece of artwork, you may want a Fineliner pen. If you’re looking to decorate a journal, you may want a set of colorful gel pens. Whether you’re trying to create artwork or write notes, you’ll be able to find the right pen you need. 


Which pen is best for handwriting? Many people enjoy a good rollerball gel pen. This is because the ink dries quickly and you can find sets with multiple colored pens to add flair to whatever you’re writing. But you can also use Fineliners and needlepoint rollerball pens for a comfortable writing experience as well.


Pens are such a crucial tool to have around as you create or work. You can use them to brainstorm your next big idea or even use them to work on detailed pieces using stippling or cross-hatching. Pens, in general, are a versatile tool that you’ll be surprised by how often you use one. Keep one in your bag or get a whole pencil case of them that stays near you for whenever inspiration strikes. You’ll be able to find bulk sets and multicolored sets that’ll have you excited about your next big creation. Get yourself the perfect set today and start putting your best ideas onto paper.


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