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Fuse Beads

Create unique designs and patterns with fuse beads. You can find tons of fun fuse bead patterns online and you can recreate them with our kits. Make fun 8-bit characters or charms for jewelry with the bright plastic beads. This simple and easy-to-clean craft is a great choice for a quick project to do when you have some spare time. Once you start using them, you’ll find your head filling with tons of fun fuse bead ideas to try. You can find sets of 45 colors and 12 colors so you’ll have plenty of colors to design with. You can also choose between using the fun shaped pegboards or the mats to create completely unique designs. You can even layer pieces of fused beads together to create fun 3D pieces. Get yourself a set today and start experimenting!   


What are fuse beads? They are small heat-activated beads that you can place on small, specialized pegboards and mats to create fun and unique designs. 


How do fuse beads work? You’ll place the beads in a design you like on a mat or pegboard that’s specially made to hold your beads in place as you work. Once you’re finished, cover your design with some ironing paper and heat up the beads using an iron. The beads will fuse together and form a single piece with your design. 


How do you melt beads without an iron? You could use a pan on your stovetop or oven to heat and melt the beads, but an iron works best. We highly suggest using only an iron to melt and fuse your beads together. 


These unique plastic beads can be fused together to create unique and bright designs. You can use them to make coasters, little jewelry boxes, necklace charms, and so much more. The beads come in a variety of colors and effects like glow-in-the-dark. Creators of all ages will enjoy all the different designs they can create on the various mats and pegboards. Simply grab a pegboard in the shape you like most and place your favorite colors on it. Once you’re finished, you can iron the beads together to create a single fused piece with your design. Grab yourself a fuse bead kit today and experiment with all the different ways you can create with these.