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Discover your new favorite hobby, or enhance your fabric selection with Arteza’s collection of yarn and crochet thread! Our fabric crafts are designed to inspire any crafter, whether this is your first skein of yarn, or you're a fabric craft aficionado! Each fabric we offer is of premium quality and comes in arrangements of complementary and inspiring colors. 

What is the difference between knitting and crochet? 

The biggest difference between knitting and crocheting is the tools and process used.

Knitting uses two long needles to form loops, moving a set of loops from one needle to another to create a stitch that is held on the needle. Since there are several active stitches, if one dropped, the whole row could unravel. 

Crochet uses a single hook to hook the loops together directly on the piece, and most of the time only one loop is active. This makes crochet a bit easier and potentially less intimidating for beginners, but every creator is different! 

How do I know what fabric and tools to use?

When picking a pattern, the specific sizes of fabric, as well as tools will be listed. Thankfully, due to the popularity of knitting and crochet, the packaging of your fabric will tell you the suggested knitting needle or crocket hook to use! To save time and energy, we always recommend checking your gauge (the number of stitches and rows in swatch) no matter the project. 


What does mercerized mean?

This means an additional process has been added to the cotton, which results in numerous advantages such as; added sheen, more vivid colors, and stronger fabric overall. These benefits mean your finished craft will stand the test of time, and the colors will remain vibrant for years to come. Both our Crochet Thread and Embroidery Floss are mercerized, providing you with premium fabrics to work with for your next soft craft.  

Create your next fabric masterpiece with Arteza’s premium crochet thread!