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Healing Rotating Cutting Mat


12oz / 355ml


12oz / 355ml


12 Metallic Pearl Colors


Single Color (more colors available)


Set of 3 (Fine Tip, Bullet Tip, Broad Tip)


Set of 6 (Fine Tip, Bullet Tip)


Single Color (more colors available)


New Arrivals

Create a number of dazzling artworks with Arteza’s continuous stream of new art supplies. Arteza relies upon our knowledgeable customers and expert research department to identify and secure the best materials and design plans in order to produce new, high quality products for artists to enjoy. Below is a shortlist of cool art supplies that will assist you on your artistic journey.  


At Arteza we strive to always find new ways to perfect our tools and arts and crafts supplies. Our New Arrivals Collection shares our most innovative new products for you to use to elevate your craft. Restock your arts supplies, office supplies, craft supplies, and studio with our newest arrivals. Grab all the drawing tools, crafting supplies, books, paper pads, canvases, tools, cases, and art sets and bundles you’ll need to create comfortably. Be sure to frequently check our New Arrivals section to stay up to date on our latest and greatest products, bundles, and art sets. 


Whether you want to purchase professional art supplies or some art stuff for kids, Arteza has practically every artistic need covered. However, we will not rest on our laurels and have committed the necessary resources to continually improve our bestsellers, while developing entirely new products to empower your artistic journey.