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EverBlend™ Art Markers

Create vibrant works of art with noticeably smooth color transitions with our Alcohol Markers. Alcohol-based markers provide artists with a tool ideal for everything from fine art to coloring the pages of coloring books. Our ergonomically designed EverBlend Art Markers make working with alcohol-based markers a breeze. Whether you primarily use markers to create the undertone of your colored pencil drawings, or you prefer to create marker drawings, our EverBlend Art Markers will exceed your expectations. Each EverBlend Marker is dual-sided to provide artists with two variations of nib styles; our EverBlend Art Markers feature a fine tip and a chisel tip, whereas our Flora Colors EverBlend Ultra Markers Set of 36 features a brush and medium chisel nib on each marker. Create truly impressive marker drawings with any set of our Alcohol Markers. 


Does Arteza carry replacement nibs for EverBlend Markers? Yes! Whenever you feel the time has come to replace the tips of your markers, use a pair of Marker Nib Tweezers and a set of our Replacement Nibs. Be sure to grab the right set of replacement nibs for your marker. Some variations of our replacement marker nibs include: EverBlend Ultra Markers Replacement Nib Broad Chisel Tip Set of 10, EverBlend Ultra Markers Replacement Nibs Rubber Brush Tip Set of 10, EverBlend Ultra Markers Replacement Nibs Fine Tip Set of 10, EverBlend Ultra Replacement Nib Medium Chisel Tip Set of 10, and Replacement Tips for EverBlend Markers Chisel Tips Set of 10. Don’t forget to make sure you secure a set of Marker Nib Tweezers to easily replace your alcohol-based marker nibs with. 


What paper is best for alcohol markers? We recommend working with either marker paper (see our 9” x 12” Marker Paper Pad and our Marker Paper Pad 2-Pack), or mixed media paper. Our Marker Paper Pads feature bright white paper that is completely acid-free, non-toxic, and resists bleed through from your markers. Mixed media paper is the most versatile, and makes a suitable home for alcohol-based markers. We offer a wide selection of mixed media paper options, including: DIY Mixed Media Foldable Canvas Frame Pad, Mixed Media Pad, DIY Black Mixed Media Foldable Canvas Frame Pad, and our 5-Tones Mixed Media Pad.  


Invite more variety into your alcohol markers collection with any of our premium EverBlend Art Marker Sets!