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Fabric Paint

Transform your wardrobe with our fabric paints! Add unique custom designs to your jackets, backpacks, jeans, shirts, and accessories with our versatile textile paints. Whether you’re looking to paint on denim, cotton, or silk, our pigment-packed fabric paint is just what you need to create with confidence. If you’ve stained any of your clothes recently, instead of tossing them out, turn that stain into a work of art with our fabric paints. Fabric paints are also useful for adding color to home decor, such as small furniture, curtains, and tapestries. Instead of spending hundreds on band merch, simply paint your own with our super blendable and vibrant fabric paints. 


How do I paint with fabric paints? Go about working with fabric paints in the same fashion you would acrylic, except make sure to pre-wash your items ahead of time to get the best results possible. If you’re working with a shirt, sweatshirt, or tank top, you may want to add a piece of cardboard to separate the front of your shirt from the back, to make sure paint doesn't accidentally transfer. Make sure the front of your garment has dried completely before moving onto the other side. You’ll find that working with our fabric paints is an absolute breeze, thanks to their super blendable and easy-to-mix (completely non-toxic) formula.


What are the differences between the different fabric paints available? 


Our (traditional) Fabric Paint is similar to acrylic paint, only of course it is formulated specifically to work with a wide range of fabric surfaces. Our Fabric Paint Set of 24 includes all the colors you need to paint any and everything — for a more concise selection, see our Fabric Paints Set of 14. If you’re looking for a specific shade, grab any single color you need through our Single Color Fabric Paint Bottles, available in 1 fl oz and 2 fl oz sizes. To add a mesmerizing shimmery effect to your garments, add our Metallic Fabric Paint Set of 14 to your collection. 


Unlike our classic fabric paint formula, our Metallic Fabric Paint adds extra dimension to your work, through its dazzling finish. The Metallic Fabric Paint Set of 14 features every color in the rainbow, to ensure you have the color selection you need to create limitlessly. Additionally to add even more dimension to your work, we offer 3D Fabric Paint Bottles. 3D fabric paint can be used alongside any of our other sets of textile paints to add extra emphasis, definition, or texture to your pieces. Our 3D fabric paints are featured in our 3D Fabric Paint Set of 60, Fluorescent, Metallic, Glitter and Glow in the Dark 3D Fabric Paint Set of 30, and are sold individually (Single Color 3D Fabric Paint Bottle). 


Give your closet a makeover with the help of our premium fabric paints!